How and where to store a caravan or camping trailer in South Africa.

how to store a caravan or camping trailer in south africa

Caravans and camping trailers tend to only get used during the holidays. Out of season, they take up valuable space in a garage or driveway. Local bylaws may actually restrict caravan storage.


This is why storing a caravan or camping trailer makes the most sense. It will be out of the way, safe and secure, and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.


At XtraSpace, we offer secure and affordable vehicle storage at many of our branches. This includes storage that’s suitable for caravans and camping trailers.


Tips on how to store a caravan or camping trailer

It’s important to make sure your caravan or trailer doesn’t get damaged or deteriorate during storage. Follow our tips on how best to store a caravan or camping trailer.


1. Cleaning

Give your caravan or trailer a good clean before it goes into storage. Storing a caravan or trailer with dirt on it will lead to staining or rust. The interior should be cleaned to prevent mould and a build-up of dust and allergens. Everything must be completely dry before storing.


2. Batteries

Batteries should be disconnected and removed. Keep batteries charged at home.


3. Gas bottles

Disconnect any gas bottles and ensure the taps are closed. Store your gas cylinders in a cool place at home. Consider having them serviced and refilled in the offseason so they’re ready for your next holiday.


4. Tyres

For long storage periods, tyres should be removed and stored somewhere safe and cool. The caravan or trailer can be supported by axle stands. For shorter periods, leave the tyres in place and use chocks to ensure they can’t roll. To prevent flat spots, rotate the tyres every few weeks.


5. Fridge and freezer

Clean out the fridge and freezer or you’ll come back to a horrendous smell and mould. Wipe down the interior with a very mild bleach solution and allow to dry completely. Leave the door ajar to allow airflow.


6. Toilets and water systems

Run all the taps to clear them out completely and drain the water tanks. Use the onboard water pump to ensure they’re clear. Empty and clean the waste tank to prevent pests and bacteria.


7. Caravan and trailer covers

Invest in a high-quality, secure cover for your caravan or camping trailer. The weather will be your biggest enemy during storage. Most storage facilities for vehicles are outdoors.


8. Ventilation

If your caravan has vents, leave them open to allow airflow. This will help prevent mildew or mould. The caravan will smell fresher when you next use it. Ensure the cover prevents any rain from seeping in.


9. Soft furnishings

When the caravan or camping trailer is in storage, it’s a good opportunity to wash any soft furnishings such as curtains or cushion covers. Ensure everything is completely dry before you replace them.


10. Awnings

Make sure the awning is free of mud or debris and is completely dry before it’s furled. If you need to wash it, give it plenty of drying time. Storing a damp awning furled for months will lead to mould.


11. Brakes

Check your brakes before the caravan goes into storage and again when it comes out. Storing a caravan with the brakes engaged is not recommended. This may corrode the brake drums in time.


12. The coupling

Check the coupling before and after the caravan or trailer has been stored. Lubrication can help prevent corrosion. Keep it as dry as possible to prevent rust.


Wondering how to store a caravan or camping trailer in South Africa? XtraSpace can help! We offer affordable vehicle storage at branches across South Africa. Contact us for more information or check for a branch offering caravan storage near you.


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