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The local South African music industry has been experiencing an explosion in musical talent. However, the truth is that South African bands have to vie for the attention of a relatively small audience, at least in relation to most countries in Europe and America.


This makes it vital to use all the tools at your disposal to promote your band and what it has to offer. Here are a few things you can do on your journey to stand out and be discovered.


Define and develop your brand

If you want to gain a following, first identify the audience that will be appreciative of your particular style of music. Then target this audience on the many social platforms available.


In today’s “hyperconnected” world, your band will be only as successful as the brand you create. To set your band apart from the masses, you have to present it in new and exciting ways.


Imagination and innovation are keys to success.


Online media platforms for promoting your band

Media channels you can use to promote a band are expanding and changing rapidly. Older forms of printed media are losing their appeal, with fans who crave immediate satisfaction in the form of images, sound and video clips.


Good news is that with the internet at your disposal, you don’t need a large budget to sell your brand in creative ways. What you do need is to make a concerted effort to ensure that you’re as visible as possible on relevant platforms.


In addition to YouTube and Facebook, some good platforms to consider for promoting a band are:

Also be sure to investigate a recently launched Mziiki, a free music streaming app that’s designed to give smartphone users access to music from Africa’s leading musicians.


Work, commitment and discipline

Successfully promoting a band takes a fair amount of work, commitment and discipline. Ensure you’re constantly updating your presence on the net with information about your band’s latest performances, and be sure to include images and video clips.


New media is currently the most powerful tool you have to make people aware of your music. The more effort you put in and the more original your content is, the greater the rewards will be.


Promotional material

Despite the shift towards online media, there’s still a place for printed media. Always have a flyer or a business card with you to hand out, wherever you go.


Gigs, wherever and whenever

Play live wherever and whenever you can. There is no shortcut to growing an audience and a fan base. People need to see and hear you perform.


The most important edge you have over the plethora of electronic entertainment out there is your ability to be an authentic performer with an instrument or microphone in your hands.



If you want to get gigs, you have to hang out in the right places and talk to the right people. Identify your contacts in the industry that are into the same thing as you are and work with them.


It’s more fun to share the love of performing music with fellow musos anyway, and sharing sound and marketing expenses can reduce costs significantly. If you’re still finding your way and growing your own following, taking opportunities to support better known acts is essential.


Be nice

People go out to listen to live music because they want to feel good. The people in the audience made an effort to support you, so treat them like friends. Say thanks and be nice!


Audiences will remember warmth and humility, and sincerity is the surest way of winning a loyal fan base.


Where to store your band’s equipment

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