Keep your mattress in good condition while in storage with these preparation tips.

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At SpaceBox, we don’t just offer valet storage for boxed items. You can also store small, medium or large individual items with us, such as bicycles or appliances. This is particularly useful if you only have one or two items you need to store and a full storage unit would be a waste of space and money.


We can store these items for you in our secure storage facility at a much more affordable per item cost. We also fetch and deliver your items so there’s no need to make a special trip to the storage facility or find someone willing to help you transport bulky items.


How to prepare a mattress or storage

Mattresses are often stored using valet storage because they are a common spare item for guests which can get in the way when not in use. We offer tips on how best to store a mattress so that it’s fresh, clean and ready to use when needed.


Start with a thorough clean

Getting rid of dust, dirt and mites is essential before storing your mattress. Give the mattress a thorough vacuum on all sides before spot cleaning any marks with a damp cloth. For best results, have your mattress steam cleaned by a professional cleaning service before putting it in long-term storage.


Make sure it’s dry

Before you wrap the mattress up for storage, make sure it is completely dry. If it isn’t, the next step can cause condensation to build up which will invariably lead to stains and mould. Mould is difficult to eliminate from mattress fibres so this could end up ruining the mattress completely.


Wrap your mattress in plastic

Plastic wrapping will keep out dust and moisture while your mattress is in storage. Once your mattress is clean and completely dry, wrap it in a thick durable plastic and secure with packing tape. Try to avoid too many joins in the plastic as this increases the risk of moisture getting in. For best results, buy a mattress bag in the appropriate size from a packaging supplier.  


Make sure it’s stored flat

Make sure that your mattress remains flat during storage and preferably during transport as well. This is to ensure even weight distribution, so the internal mattress materials don’t deform and create hollows. If space dictates that the mattress must be stored vertically, it should be rotated every couple of months.


Don’t store anything on top of the mattress

Heavy or sharp items, such as chairs or appliances, can leave indentations or even tear the mattress fabric if left on top for long periods of time. Heavy items will also flatten the mattress material over time, shortening the mattress’ lifespan and causing damage to the springs.


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