From the experts, advice on how to pack and move a large mirror.

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Large mirrors are fragile items that can easily crack and shatter. They are also heavy, cumbersome and difficult to carry.


If you’re intending to move a mirror, it’s a good idea to take some simple steps to protect the frame, preserve the reflective surface and get the mirror to its new destination in one piece.


Pre-move mirror preservation tips

Before you even take the mirror off the wall, it’s a good idea to strengthen the glass by taping an X across the surface using plastic masking tape. If you do happen to drop the mirror, the tape will also prevent glass shards from scattering across the room.


It’s now time to add a few layers of protection to the surface. Remove the mirror from the wall, and take the measurements of the glass inside the frame.


Cut a piece of cardboard and Styrofoam or bubble wrap down to size. Insert the cardboard onto the glass, and tape it to the frame. Repeat the process with the layer of foam or bubble wrap.


Protect the frame

The glass is obviously the most fragile part of a mirror, but the frame is equally at risk of damage. Dings and dents can destroy the look of the item, rendering it worthless.


You can mitigate the risk by applying plastic protectors to the corners and edges of the frame. They’re cheap, re-usable and available in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths.


Once the mirror is adequately protected, you can wrap the entire item – as you would a present or parcel – into a professional moving blanket, or a second layer of foam or bubble wrap. Your mirror is now ready for the road.


Protecting a full-length mirror in transit

You’ll need at least two people to carry and deposit a large full-length mirror into the back of a truck or van. Ensure it is standing upright against the inside surface of the van.


Laying a mirror flat is not a good idea. The glass can still shatter if something hard falls onto it. Ideally, it should fit snugly between the side of the vehicle and another large, soft item, like a mattress or couch.


If possible, move the mirror separately

A final tip on how to pack and move a large mirror – if you’re relocating to a new home, the best way to protect the mirror is to store it securely out the way for the duration of the move.


It’s during a move, when movers are carrying and transporting many large, heavy items and you’re dealing with lots of out-of-place furniture and boxes, that mirrors most often get broken. This most often happens when mirrors are being carried to or from moving vans, and when mirrors are left where other items may be dropped on them, people may trip over them or the mirrors could topple.


Once the chaos of moving day is over, you can retrieve your mirror, transport it safely to your home and hang it securely in a suitable place.


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