Tips on how best to increase the value of your home, based on the budget you have available.

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Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or just want to make it a nicer place to be, it’s worth investing in a few improvements. Even small changes can make a big difference to your home’s value.


While it’s wise to avoid over-capitalising, certain types of home improvements almost always increase the value of your property.


Low-cost improvements (under R1000)


A good clean


Giving your house a thorough scrub will make it feel a lot more fresh and inviting when people come to view. Pay particular attention to often neglected areas, such as windows and skirting boards.


Clearing clutter


Creating space in your home is a proven way to improve its overall appeal. If your home is jam-packed, consider removing some furniture while the house is on show. You can store the items in a self-storage unit until the sale is final.


Filling holes and cracks


A wall covered in old nail holes from hanging artwork or cracks in the plaster will give the impression of general disrepair. Take some time to fill holes and cracks with Polyfilla before sanding and repainting.


Medium cost improvements (R1000 – R5000)




Walls, window frames and doors will all look instantly better with a fresh coat of paint or varnish. It’s a small touch that will make a vast improvement to people’s first impression of your home.


Rainwater harvesting


Many areas of South Africa are water scarce. A professionally installed rainwater tank is always a bonus for buyers, especially if your home has a large garden. Other water saving measures, such as low flow showerheads, should also be considered.




The garden makes a huge difference to your home. Even if the garden is small, having healthy trees and well-established plants will significantly increase your home’s value. Fruit trees or a vegetable garden can also be an added bonus.


Home security


With our high crime rate, home security cannot be overlooked in South Africa. Sturdy burglar bars, alarm systems, electric fencing and even cameras will all add significant value and appeal to your home.


Higher cost improvements (R5000 – R10 000)


Solar geyser


A house’s geyser is one of the worst electricity guzzlers. A new homeowner will definitely be attracted to the prospect of a lower electricity bill. It will also appeal to the more eco-conscious buyer.




Stained carpets or rotting wooden floors are a huge turn-off for buyers. Invest in solid, long lasting and easy to clean flooring options. Avoid bright colours and patterns that might clash with the new owner’s décor.


Outdoor entertainment area


A deck or patio with room for outdoor furniture is appealing to most buyers. Even if they don’t entertain, they will enjoy eating outdoors on lovely summer evenings. Consider creating a sheltered outdoor entertainment area with a braai.


Modernised kitchen and bathroom


Old bathroom fittings and linoleum in the kitchen can be very off-putting to a potential buyer. Avoid overspending on expensive, imported fittings but, at minimum, install modern sanitary ware, cupboards and flooring.


Long-term improvements (R10 000+)


Low maintenance roof


A low maintenance Zincalume roof will last four times longer than galvanised steel and never needs to be painted (although you can if you want). Older houses that are prone to damp will benefit from a sound roof and gutters.


Secure parking


A lot of smaller terrace houses don’t have off-street parking but do have front gardens. Consider converting the garden into a parking bay with a secure gate. If your larger home doesn’t have a garage, building one is always worth it.


Swimming pool


Swimming pools can be high maintenance but they can also be very attractive to people who like to entertain or who have children. There are also more options for low maintenance pools, such as natural or salt water pools.


At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units in a wide range of sizes, ideal for storing items while renovating your home or, if you’re selling, when you’re staging your home for viewing. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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