Avoid the dreaded couch stuck in a doorway scenario with these tips. 

If you’ve ever moved a couch, you’ll know it can sometimes be tricky to get it through a tight doorway. You may even have had a couch get stuck with no way to move forwards or backwards.


couch stuck in doorway

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This is frustrating and potentially damaging so before you tackle this backbreaking task, consider these couch moving tips.


Take the door off

Most doors only open 90 degrees because of standard hinges. Even a door that’s open all the way will narrow the opening by the same thickness as the door, which can be a few centimetres.


Taking the door off will widen the gap and minimise the risk of the couch getting stuck or damaged. It will also prevent the door from getting damaged. Most doors will come off easily enough if you remove the hinge pins


Move it through vertically

If the couch seems too long or wide to fit through the doorway horizontally, you might have better luck if you tip it onto its end. Having it fully upright might even make it easier to manoeuvre, especially if it’s heavy.


Moving the couch this way will mean it has to be dragged over the threshold, so put it on a towel or blanket the prevent the upholstery from catching.


Remove the couch feet and cushions

If possible, disassemble the couch before moving. A lot of couches have easily removable feet that might make it too wide to fit through the doorway. Removing the feet also reduces the risk of scratching the door.


The couch cushions should also be removed if possible. They make the couch bulkier and harder to manoeuvre.


Move it in a semi-circle action

This works particularly well if the couch has long legs and the area before or after the doorway it tight. Approach the door with the couch horizontal and almost flush with the wall then take the legs on one end through first.


Turn the couch as it moves through the doorway so that its trajectory forms a semi-circle and the legs on the other end go through the door last. This action helps if the couch is too long to go through the door straight. You can also use this method vertically.


Move the couch on its back

Couches are often a lot deeper than they are high, so tipping the couch onto its back might make it narrow enough to go through a narrow doorway. Removing the feet and back cushions will also help with this.


If the fit is still pretty tight, make sure the couch is supported at both ends and passes through the doorway perfectly straight. Turning it even slightly might cause it to jam which will damage the doorframe and the couch.


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