Decluttering your bedroom can lead to a better night’s sleep. Try our systematic approach for the best results. 

declutter and simplify bedroom

Wondering how to declutter and simplify your bedroom? Almost always, the trick to creating a calm, aesthetically pleasing bedroom is to clear out excess stuff.


Why decluttering is the key to a “better”, more restful bedroom

There’s nothing calming about piles of clothing, to-do lists, scattered documents or stacks of books. Even too many ornaments and photographs can make a space feel “busy”, dusty and cluttered.


Unnecessary items of furniture add to the problem.


A chair or table you don’t really need tends to collect things that are waiting to be put away or dealt with. Instead of adding comfort or calm to your space, it becomes a physical embodiment of a to-do list!


A printer, files and work documents can bring work-related worries into what should be a calm space.


Another type of item that can add stress is bulky gym equipment. It’s possible you don’t have space for it elsewhere. If you do, however, it could be best to relocate it.


Ideally, your bedroom should be a space designated for rest. It shouldn’t be a gathering area for items to be dealt with – or reminders of things you should be doing.


A systematic approach to revamping your bedroom

The following approach is ideal if you’re ready to reimagine your bedroom and convert it into a more restful space.


It’s also a good first step if you’re planning to redecorate.


Clear out the space

This step might sound fairly drastic. However, it can really help you get a feel for the available space and what you want in it.


Once you get used to the items and furniture in your bedroom, you tend to take them for granted.


Actually moving items out can stop you from just shuffling around the same things. Then you can focus on evaluating and redesigning your space.


Visualise the ideal retreat

Once you’ve cleared out the room, stand in it. Note practical considerations like the amount of ventilation and natural light.


Once you’ve evaluated the empty space, it’s easier to get a sense of what you want.


Consider aesthetics, along with accessibility and functionality. The ideal bedroom will depend on what you really like, need and use.


Evaluate every item: keep, relocate or donate?

Before returning items to the bedroom, evaluate each one and make a decision. Ask yourself if you need, use or love it – and if your bedroom is the right place for it.


Similarly, go through dresser drawers, containers and cupboards. Evaluate each item and choose either to keep, relocate or donate it.


Items you don’t currently need can be put aside for donation or storage.


It’s probably best not to include all your clothes in this process, to avoid being overwhelmed. Your wardrobe can be a separate project.


Refresh and simplify the décor

Simply decorated, functional bedrooms generate a sense of tranquillity and may improve your sleep quality.


If you’re planning to invest in some new décor, it’s worth considering neutral colours and subtle patterns in place of busy, brighter options. This applies for walls, curtains and bedding.


The look you choose will depend on your preferences. In general though, neutral colours tend to be more calming.


It can work well to add just small splashes of colour – maybe a plant, a picture, a pretty throw – to a neutral base.


Blinds are also a popular, modern choice, in place of heavy or ornate curtains.


XtraSpace can help with storage

Determining how to declutter and simplify your bedroom? Self-storage is ideal for storing items until you’re ready to relocate, sell or donate them, or until you need them again.


At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units, perfect for storing furniture, books, tax records, seasonal clothing and footwear, sports gear and other items that you don’t need every day.


Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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