Simple steps for keeping in shape at home by creating a gym on a budget.

home gym on a budget

With gyms closed for the foreseeable future, creating a home gym is a financially savvy way to keep in shape.


Here’s how you can avoid the post-lockdown crowds and create a home gym on a budget in virtually any space.


Free up space

The beauty of a home gym is you can set it up almost anywhere – in the garage, spare bedroom or the covered patio.


The key is to clear the space completely so you have a blank canvas to work with.


For most of us, that means binning the clutter we’ve collected over the years, storing the items we want to keep in a self-storage unit and donating old books, clothes and toys to charity.


Depending on the size of the budget, you may want to lift old tiles or carpets and strip out-dated shelving and cupboards.


Then it’s a matter of investing in the right gym equipment and adding a few personalised décor and design touches.


Invest in basic gym equipment

Before you buy expensive equipment, take the time to plan your workout or daily exercise routine. 


If you’re into stretching and yoga, a yoga mat, resistance bands and Pilates ball may be all you need.


If you perform weight-bearing exercises, limit your choice to basics like a barbell, weight plates, rack with pull-up bar and flat bench.


Many suppliers of fitness equipment are offering discounts at present.


Alternatively, buy second-hand pieces in really good condition at online marketplaces like Gumtree and Olx.


Add personal design touches 

A modern, airy and freshly painted home gym is the ideal. You can easily achieve that with a quick coat of paint and a few low-cost accessories.


When the room is completely enclosed with no windows to allow natural light to stream in, a ceiling fan, recessed LED lighting, full-length mirror and light-coloured décor help create the feeling of light and space.


You can jazz things up by throwing a textured and patterned scatter rug fitted with a non-slip backing onto the floor. Alternatively, traditional floor coverings suitable for a gym such as interlocking rubber tiles or mats are a more practical solution.


Keep space clear and uncluttered 

By installing barbell racks, shelving and plenty of enclosed storage space, you can keep the equipment in tip-top condition and maintain a clear, clean and uncluttered home-based exercise space.


If your budget extends to big-ticket items, a big screen TV and a few well-positioned hidden speakers can turn the most challenging workout into an entertaining and enjoyable daily exercise routine.


The good news is you can create an equipped and stylish home gym on a budget and it’s yours to enjoy for years ahead.


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