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Storing furniture is one of the most common uses of our self-storage facilities.


For example, our customers store furniture they’ve replaced and plan to sell or donate at a later time; furniture that doesn’t fit a new home; or furniture they’ve inherited, until they have time to decide what to do with it.


Customers also store furniture if they’re due to be away for a period, and when renovating their homes.


No matter where or why you store furniture, it’s a good idea to prepare and cover it properly first. This will help protect the furniture when it’s being transported, as well as once it’s in storage.


Remove ingrained dirt and grime

Your first step is to get rid of any ingrained dirt and grime. Vacuum the upholstered bits, and remove any stains or blemishes with upholstery cleaner.


Dust or polish wood to a high shine, and wipe down the aluminium, glass and plastic components. Ensure you leave the damp pieces in a well-ventilated area to dry out completely, as you don’t want to encourage the growth of mildew and mould.


Disassemble bigger items

Larger items are easier to protect, move and store once disassembled into more manageable parts. Bedsteads, bookcases, tables and chairs can be deconstructed into a variety of smaller components.


Once you’ve dismantled an item, we recommend you put the bolts, screws and clasps into a clearly labelled plastic ziplock bag. You can tape the bag underneath one of the larger parts, or pop all the bags into a box, and store it in the unit.


Bubble wrap the fragile bits

Bubble wrap all the fragile bits and pieces. It’s a practical way of adding a flexible layer of padding to mirrors, lamps and chair and table legs so that they don’t snap or shatter during the move.


Wrap each item individually, and tape the ends of the wrapping with duct tape or masking tape. Avoid taping the bubble wrap directly onto the furniture, as the adhesive can leave a mark.


Protective moving blankets/ dust covers

The best way to protect your furniture from dust, dents and scratches while in storage is to cover it.


You may choose to invest in padded moving blankets, which are ideal for protecting furniture. Removals companies often wrap each piece of furniture in a moving blanket – click here to see how.


Alternatively, old sheets and blankets make great covers because they’re soft and breathable.


Avoid using any form of plastic cover. This can “sweat”, create condensation and leave your furniture damp, smelly and unhygienic.


Drape the blanket or a dust cover loosely over the furniture. Tuck any excess material under the piece, so that you don’t trip over it the next time you visit the self-storage unit.


Once you’ve covered furniture for storage, it’s time to find a suitable self-storage facility near you. At XtraSpace, we offer affordable, secure self-storage nationwide, with units in a wide range of sizes. Call us on 01 09 777 777 or find a branch in your area.

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