XtraSpace Business Storage

XtraSpace self-storage facilities and flexi-offices offer cost-saving and logistical solutions to meet a wide range of business needs.  


For startup businesses

For a business just finding its feet, XtraSpace offers the Flexi-Office. This is a fully equipped office space that’s available on short or long lease. As your business either grows or shrinks, you can move into a smaller or larger space with just a month’s notice, rather than finding yourself tied to premises that are no longer suitable.


The XtraSpace Flexi-Offices are located to ensure easy access to business centres. With no setup costs and the ability to move in at the drop of a hat, they’re ideal for new businesses. Our facilities also have meeting rooms available by the hour, so you can meet clients and business partners on our premises.


For growing businesses

Growing businesses can gain extra office space simply by moving paperwork, bulky filing cabinets, computer parts, unnecessary furniture and other items that don’t have to be used every day into secure, self-storage units, which can be accessed whenever required. Keep only the essential documents on hand – all your old financial reports, tax documents and employee information can go safely into storage for as long as needed. This can clear space for new employees, new equipment and whatever else is needed in your office.


For downsizing businesses

A business that’s shaving costs wherever it can, may benefit by relocating to a smaller office space and storing away whatever isn’t needed at short notice. Save the space you do have for your employees and essential equipment. An office that’s free of clutter makes for a far better work environment.


For seasonal businesses

For businesses whose customers come and go with the changing seasons (whether due to weather or holidays), XtraSpace provides a solution for storing your stock securely in the down months.


For any business with excess stock

If you have excess stock, it’s better to put it into storage than to clutter up your office or retail space. Using XtraSpace’s business storage solutions can also enable you to position your stock closer to where it will be needed, resulting in shorter turnaround times. For example, say your offices are located in Johannesburg but you also ship to Cape Town and Durban. Instead of shipping from Johannesburg whenever someone makes an order, keep stock of your most popular items in storage in other major cities to save on delivery costs and time.


XtraSpace storage facilities are kept secure through 24-hour CCTV surveillance, alarm systems and onsite security personnel. Our extended office hours also mean that you can get to your stored items whenever you need to.


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