Simple ways to make your home office more organised and efficient.

home office organisation tips

We offer home office organisation hacks for streamlining your workspace.


A little clearing and reorganisation can make it much easier to get work done. It can also breathe fresh life into a stale workspace – helping boost your motivation.


Take the systematic approach to rearranging the desk

The desk is the single most important component in any office. It’s the nerve centre of operations. It should be mindfully organised to support workflow.


The easiest way to tackle this task is to strip the desk of all items. Score each item according to relevance and discard what’s obsolete, redundant or isn’t work related.


Once you’ve pared down the content, arrange the essential items and equipment based on workflow.


Use vertical office space

Most entrepreneurs, freelancers and work-from-home employees don’t have the luxury of spacious home offices. Generally, we make do with the attic or a small section of the kitchen, bedroom or dining area.


Size constraints limit the amount of space available for the desk and chair, let alone a filing cabinet.


Don’t clutter up already cramped floor space, make full use of the wall. Shelving is relatively cheap, accessible and easy to install. It can extend from floor to ceiling.


Consider wall-mounted computer monitors, which free up desk space and are very popular. 


Scale up IT, business software and tools  

A paperless home office is uncluttered, environmentally friendly and organised, though it requires an initial outlay on innovative business support services, tools and apps.


By investing in a quality computer, synced digital devices, stable fibre internet connectivity and cloud storage services, all business operations are streamlined and automatically backed up.


Capitalising on the speed and efficiency of software developed for non-core business processes, such as accounting, CRM and payment transactions, enables owners to focus on growing the business.


Upgrade to an ergonomic office chair

A good quality ergonomic chair is essential in any office or workspace.


To quality as ergonomic, an office chair must be designed to support the lower lumbar region and take pressure off the thighs. It should also make it easy to swivel and move around the office.


The best ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable so they can comfortably support different individuals’ body shapes and sizes.


Select an illuminated work area

Try to select a room or area with plenty of natural light and access to fresh air.


Exposure to sunlight increases the production of serotonin, a feel-good hormone associated with focus and calm.


A properly illuminated workspace is also gentler on the eyes and triggers enhanced brain activity.


When natural light is at a premium, invest in a desk or standing lamp to supplement overhead lighting.


XtraSpace storage for home office organisation

At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units – ideal for storing furniture, archived documents and folders, office supplies and other items you don’t need day to day.


Clearing the clutter is key to home office organisation and streamlining your workspace.


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