How to make an inspiring home office – even in the smallest space.

Money may be tight and work scarce, but an organised workplace is essential if you want to capitalise on the post-pandemic boom.


We offer ten low-cost home office ideas to inspire you to create a stylish but productive space, even in the smallest, under-utilised corner.


Invest in a wall-mounted fold-away desk

wall mounted desk

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When it’s not possible to designate an entire room for work, a wall-mounted desk is ideal. There are no legs or trestles to limit the legroom. At the end of the day, the desk can simply be folded up.


Jazz up a filing cabinet

filing cabinet

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A filing cabinet is a necessity in many home offices. It needn’t be unattractive. A little chalk paint, contact paper or balsa can transform a large metal box into an eye-catching centrepiece.


Eradicate the tangle with a cable management system

cable management system

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Docking stations, devices and office equipment come with kilometres of cords, cables, plugs and wires.


A cable management system hides the worst of the mess. Several affordable solutions are available and can be installed under or on top of a desk.


Divide a space with a room divider

room divider

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Divide an existing room into a separate home office and living space using retractable room dividers. They’re available in many styles and materials. Folding screens made from bamboo, wood or fabric, are very reasonably priced.


If a more permanent solution is required, glass sliding doors seal in sound but let light permeate a space.


Office set-up in the attic

attic office

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One of the most underutilised spaces in South African homes is the loft area or attic. Often, there’s more than enough room for a fully functioning office.


A number of companies specialise in basic loft conversions. Having this done properly is likely to require a significant initial investment. However, it can also add value to your property.


All-in-one computer bureau

computer bureau

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A modern, cleverly designed computer bureau can serve as an all-in-one workstation. It’s a desk and a filing and storage solution.


The computer modem, keyboard and mouse have their own spaces, leaving the work area clean and clutter-free.


Wall-mounted computer monitor

wall mounted monitor

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One easy way to save space and reduce strain on your neck and shoulders is to mount the computer modem on the wall.


Online marketplaces stock a wide range of monitor mounts. Some have swivel capabilities and built-in USB pass-through.


Drawer units as desk support

drawer unit desk

Source: Ikea Hackers


An old door or table top can be an affordable and interesting alternative to a conventional office desk.


Spruce up the door with varnish or paint and support it on drawer units. This is a low budget home office idea that also saves space and adds a personal touch to your workspace.


Hanging desk organisers

hanging desk organizer

Source: Amazon


When space is limited, every centimetre counts. That includes wall space.


Instead of storing files, paperwork and office supplies in cabinets or drawers, use wall space. Any type of container can be repurposed to make a hanging desk organiser.


Mobile utility filing cabinet

mobile utility filing cabinet

Source: Officehom


A repurposed drinks caddy or utility cart can be transformed into a filing cabinet on wheels. When it’s time to review an important document or file, reach out and wheel it in.


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