holiday storage tips

Holidays are for rest and relaxation – but of course, they’re not without their stresses.


Whether you’re going away somewhere exciting for a vacation, staying home surrounded by friends and family or simply taking a well-deserved break from your business, self-storage may help make your holiday stress-free.


Protect belongings in storage when you’re away

The risk of a home break-in while you’re away can put a damper on any holiday plans.


Some simple steps make this less likely. For example,

  • alert your security company that you’ll be away and ask that they check your home on a regular basis
  • see if a neighbour or family member is willing to visit your home periodically, clear any mail and open or close curtains visible from the street
  • leave on an inside light so it looks like people are home after dark.

In addition, you can secure valued and expensive belongings by opting to store them at a suitable self-storage facility.


For example, you might choose to store items like a flat-screen TV, computer monitors and game consoles, which make tempting targets for opportunistic thieves. Storing documents like tax and financial records can also help ensure they stay safe while you’re away.


Along with household and personal belongings, you can choose to store vehicles at a self-storage facility. That includes cars, motorbikes, trailers and even boats.


At XtraSpace, all our self-storage facilities feature secure perimeter fencing, exterior lighting, access control, trained guards and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.


Make space at home for family and friends 

For many, the holidays are a social time, and an opportunity to host and entertain family and friends.


As a host, you want your guests to be comfortable, but finding sufficient space can be a challenge.


Self-storage is an ideal option for storing excess furniture, as well as personal items that add clutter and take up space at home – from sports and home gym equipment to camping equipment, books, documents, DVDs, power tools and seasonal clothing.


To clear spare rooms and living areas, you can simply pack stuff you don’t often use into neatly labelled boxes and store it in a self-storage unit, for as long as necessary.


Monetise that extra room

Transforming an extra bedroom, attic, outside flatlet or garage into rentable space for tourists, Airbnb guests or even a student may give you a useful source of extra income.


You don’t have to remove all items from a guest room, but it’s best to remove personal items and any furniture that’s either in the way or showing signs of wear and tear.


Using self-storage, you can store excess furniture and other items until you need them again or are ready to sort, sell or donate them. You can also use self-storage to store extra bedding, towels and other guest supplies.


Use holiday storage to secure business stock, equipment and documents

Self-storage facilities provide affordable business storage over the holiday shutdown period.


Self-storage is useful for storing business inventory, especially for small business owners and informal traders. Rather than paying a fortune for commercial warehousing space and getting locked into a long lease, simply pay for the storage space you need, for as long as you need it.


Small businesses can also opt to store documents, valuable business supplies and equipment to ensure they’re safe over the period when they close down to enjoy an end-of-year break.


At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units that are ideal for holiday storage of personal or business items. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.

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