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Your business may need storage space for inventory, equipment, documents and more.


If your storage space needs aren’t quite large enough to require warehouse space, renting a larger office might seem to be the solution – but this can be unnecessarily costly.


Instead, consider our Flexi Offices, which combine professionally appointed office space with access to onsite storage.


What are the benefits of combining office and storage space?

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Our Flexi Offices are conveniently located in our self-storage facilities in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and the Western Cape.


For businesses, the benefits of having office and storage space on the same premises can be significant – faster, more accurate inventory management; lower transport costs; and, for e-commerce businesses, faster turnaround times on customer orders.


If you need space for document storage or a library of resources, or for spare equipment, it’s ideal to have these within walking distance of where you work – without having to pay sky-high property rental prices for extra office space.


Our flexible leases for office and storage space also mean you can scale up or down quickly, as your business needs change.


Why Flexi Offices?

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Flexi Offices are a highly affordable alternative to traditional office space. Monthly costs are low, and because business infrastructure is already in place, you’ll save on many of the set-up costs associated with traditional office space.


Flexi Offices are available on flexible terms for three, six or twelve month periods. We also have offices in a range of different sizes, helping ensure you pay only for the space you really need.


Our Flexi Offices come with the following useful services and facilities:

  • access to a business centre with copy, fax and scanning machines
  • secure parking
  • use of onsite meeting rooms, which can be booked by the hour
  • high-speed internet
  • an on-site courier service
  • Telkom landlines, with standard call rates applicable, at selected branches
  • on-site business storage facilities.

How ecommerce businesses save with Flexi Offices

flexi office storage ecommerce

Online businesses might not need physical retail premises but they do need easily accessible storage space. Here are some of the ways that e-businesses can benefit from our Flexi Offices:

  • with the addition of one of our storage units, a Flexi Office can act as a distribution centre for your online store
  • you can increase or decrease the amount of space you need at short notice, giving you more space over busy seasons such as Christmas
  • services such as reception and courier services make it easier for you to run your business even if you often need to be on the road distributing merchandise.

Contact us for more information about our combined office and storage space, or browse to find a branch near you. 

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