Some of the largest storage spaces in the world are dedicated to those things that help make life so worth living – wine, books, music and movies!


Biggest wine cellar, spanning 55 kilometres

Milestii Mici wine cellar

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Located in the Republic of Moldova, Mileștii Mici is a wine cellar that spans a 55-kilometre stretch of ancient limestone caves. In total, it stores close on 2 million bottles of the good stuff, which the caves keep at just the right temperature and humidity year round. Wines from the cellar are exported to Japan, the United States and various countries in Europe. The most expensive bottles sell for over R6,200 each.


Biggest store of alcoholic beverages


It’s estimated that you could fit 14,000 double-decker buses in the Constellation Park warehouse. Owned by Constellation Europe and located in Bristol in the United Kingdom, this warehouse spans nearly 80,000 m². It can store an incredible 57 million bottles of wine.


The world’s biggest bookstore

Barnes and Nobles

Based on square footage, the largest bookstore in the world is the 5th Avenue branch of Barnes & Noble, in New York. This bookstore includes over 20.7 kilometres of shelving and covers an area of 14,330 square metres.


Another bookstore previously claimed to be the biggest. The self-named “World’s Biggest Bookstore” in downtown Toronto stocked over a million titles. It sold its last book in March 2014.


Biggest vinyl collection

Paul Mawhinney at Record Rama

Between 1951 and 2013, when his collection was finally sold, Paul Mawhinney of Pittsburgh in the United States amassed a collection of over 3 million records and 300,000 CDs.


Between 1972 and 2008, Mawhinney ran a music store called Record-Rama. He made a point of never letting anything go until he had his own copy – resulting in a personal collection valued at US$50 million and filling a climate-controlled warehouse.


Biggest personal store of movies

movie collection

Founder of TK Theaters in Brooklyn in the United States, Theo Kalomirakis has over 16,000 movies, on DVD, Blu-Ray and LaserDiscs, in his private collection. He says he buys an average of 40 to 50 new movies every month.


XtraSpace Storage

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