Film and theatre storage

South Africa’s film industry is growing at a rapid rate. Increasing numbers of big screen productions and advertising shoots demand original sets, props and costumes.


All these items may have to be retained, stored and adapted for later use. They require special packaging and storage solutions that are secure and easy to access.


Large, bulky props and theatre sets constructed from plaster of Paris and plywood typically have to be stored securely off-season.


Costumes may be made from expensive fabrics and in some cases are decorated with diamante, crystals or fine beadwork, and these have to be properly protected from damage.


At XtraSpace Self Storage we have the facilities, security features and competitive rates to match the requirements of South Africa’s film and theatre communities.


How to pack and preserve costumes

Once “it’s a wrap” has resounded around the studio or the play has come to an end, it’s time to prepare, pack and preserve the costume wardrobe.


All costumes should be dry cleaned, placed in breathable garment bags and stored in dry, well-ventilated wardrobe boxes. Natural textiles are particularly vulnerable to pest infestation, so for these it’s a good idea to introduce a natural repellent such as dried lavender or cedar savings.


One of the latest innovations in pest control is a pheromone strip that attracts male moths to powder containing female pheromones! This is popular with theatre costume departments and museum archives all over the world.


Why Choose XtraSpace?

XtraSpace offers affordable self-storage units ranging from 3 to 50 square metres at a wide range of sites.


Our storage facilities are located close to the cultural hubs of Johannesburg, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town, with the Cape Town Airport Industria branch only minutes away from the Cape Town Film Studios.


Onsite security is tight and each unit is protected by a fire wall and provides easy access to fire-fighting equipment. We offer month-to-month rental arrangements, unrestricted access during office hours and a range of optional services, including the provision of packaging materials, trolleys and domestic and international courier services.


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