Naturally, all things storage are our forte here at XtraSpace and we very much enjoyed compiling this list of clever home storage solutions for you. Whilst they won’t free up as much space as one of our storage units, they do make quite excellent use of space.


Book Chair
© photo by Wicker Paradise


Modern, practical and designed with the bookish in mind, the bookcase chair is an innovative new storage concept that allows readers to keep their well-thumbed library only an arm’s length away. It provides a back-to-back seating solution that offers singular comfort and style. 


Book Staircase Storage
© photo by Wicker Paradise


A multi-tier, multi-purpose stairway storage unit transforms what’s usually wasted space into a smart, contemporary and creative space, ideal for storing books, curios and collectibles.


Firewood Storage
© photo by Southend in Transition


Rustic, rugged and perfectly practical, this out-of-the-box firewood wall feature adds depth, texture and organic beauty to a room.


Litter Box Storage
© photo by Claire Armstrong


The litter box cabinet is a clever solution for dealing with kitty’s indoor ablutions. It’s functional, neat, unimposing and smart in design.


crockery storage
© photo by Richard Roberson


Clean, clinical and easy to install, this highly polished aluminium pot rack is a sturdy storage solution for pots, pans and kitchen utensils. It’s a major kitchen space saver and, if hung at the correct height, provides effortless access to all cooking gear.


bike storage
© photo by Johan Bichel Lindegaard


The low price, off-the-floor bicycle storage rack is ideal for stowing mountain and road bikes. It protects the bicycle tyres, provides dual support for the frame and frees up floor space.


toilet paper storage
© photo by Hey Paul Studios


A creative and cunning toilet paper storage solution that should find favour in the hospitality industry. Rolls are kept neat, dry and accessible, while the well-weighted wall configuration adds a splash of style to a usually utilitarian space.


wrapping paper storage
© photo by Frank Farm


Simple and colourful, this wrapping paper storage idea is a low-cost option that helps muffle sound and brighten up a space.


floor storage
© photo by Architect Your Home


Here under-floor space is used to create a fully functional exercise platform. Neatly hidden when not in use, the subterranean rowing machine is an ingenious space saver.


shoe storage
© photo by bedroom.eyes


A ziggurat shaped multi-level shoe rack is modern, minimalistic and perfectly practical. It’s an affordable storage concept that’s easy to install and pleasing to the eye.


book staircase storage
© photo by brett jordan


A stepped, book storage unit combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, and can store hundreds of titles.


XtraSpace Storage Space
XtraSpace Storage Space


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