Clever space-saving tips for dorms and res rooms.

When you think of your college or university dorm room, space probably isn’t first thing that comes to mind, unless we’re talking about the lack of.


You may be lucky if you can squeeze in more than a bed and a small desk at most – but with a few clever space-saving tips, you can maximise the space available for your stuff.


Maximise your cupboard space

cupboard space

Use soda can tabs to double up your hanging space and place sturdy boxes or crates under your hanging clothes to create more space for shoes or folded items.


Use the space under your bed

under bed storage

Plastic containers that can slide under your bed can act some extra storage for winter clothes, textbooks and shoes.


Make use of the space inside cupboard doors

hanging basket

Shower caddies or hanging baskets can be attached to the inside of cupboard doors to create extra storage space. You can also use the back of your bedroom door.


Use a shelf as a nightstand

shelf nightstand

Save floor space by using a small shelf as a nightstand for your lamp and alarm clock.


Hang clipboards on the wall to keep important papers

hanging clipboards

If you don’t have the wall space for a pin board, use a couple of clipboards instead.


Try to use furniture with storage


furniture with storage

If possible, find a sofa or ottoman that has storage under the seat. You can use this for storing all sorts of things.


Use clips to organise your cords

cord clips

Cords are always slipping off the desk and getting tangled on the floor. Use clips along the edge of your desk to keep track of them.


Loft your bed

lofted bed

Raising your bed to height of a bunk bed means you can put a desk or chest of drawers underneath, saving you lots of floor space.


Use drawer dividers to save space

drawer dividers

Rolling t-shirts and balling up matching set of underwear and socks can save a lot of space in drawer. Use drawer dividers to keep them all separate.


Use suction or sticky hooks

suction hooks

If you’re not allowed to drill holes, suction or self-adhesive hooks can be a lifesaver. Use them for extra storage inside cupboards or behind your door.


Make use of offsite storage

Sometimes, all the clever tricks in the world won’t be enough. For bulkier items that you simply can’t find space for, consider offsite storage. Contact us for more information.


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