Do you have a tiny office? Consider these clever ways to make the most of the space you have.

If you’re looking to create more space in your office without upsizing, you can use a number of clever design and storage tips to make the most of the space you have.


Think vertically

Make the most of a small office by creating vertical storage space. By building shelves from the floor to the ceiling, or from your desk-top upwards, you can create space for folders, books, office supplies and even your printer, fax machine, modem or telephone.



Go mobile

If you don’t have space for a permanent home office, you can buy a desk with wheels so that it can be rolled out and put away again when not in use.  A chair on wheels that can be moved easily is handy too.

mobile desk
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Keep it in the cupboard

When space is limited at home, consider converting a free-standing or built-in cupboard into a desk. Use one of the shelves as a desktop, and the space above for storage. If you need space for notes, put a pegboard on the inside of the cupboard door, or paint it to create a blackboard.

office in cupboard
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Transform a wall

Remove the need for a bulky whiteboard by painting one of the walls in your office with a dry erase paint or blackboard paint, which will transform the surface into an erasable canvas.



Get low

When planning the shelving for a small office, consider placing a few underneath your desk for extra storage. Use this space for files and supplies that you don’t use every day.

under desk storage
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Install a shelf

If you simply don’t have room for a traditional desk in your home, consider installing a single floating shelf to use as a desk instead. To prevent backache and poor posture, install the shelf so that your elbows are at a 90-degree angle to the shelf when you are seated in front of it.



Buy space-saving furniture

When you have a small office, you should use compact furniture to maximise the available space. Avoid heavy, bulky desks, tables and filing cabinets, and rather opt for a slim desk with drawers, cabinets or compartments for storage.



Contain the clutter

A small office can quickly become cluttered and overwhelming to work in. Keep your stationery and supplies neatly organised in drawers or desk-top trays to minimise the chaos and keep as much space as possible free for use.

office drawer dividers
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Collapse it

If you don’t have permanent space for a conference table, get a collapsible one that can be stored away easily in a corner or behind a cabinet. Similarly, you can use folding chairs for meetings, and stack them out of the way until they’re needed again.

folding table
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Open up the office

Rather than compartmentalising your office space, open it up by removing cubicles, or even a wall. This could free up some much-needed space and make the office look bigger. You can always buy collapsible screens to use as temporary partitions if you need them.



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