Need to store a bike? Find out about a range of clever bike storage solutions.

Finding a place to keep your bike out of the way can be challenging, especially if you live in a small apartment or simply don’t have enough storage space in your home.


Luckily, there are a number of simple ways to store your bike smartly – both within your living space and out the house.


Wall-mounted bike rack or hook

Leave a bike leaning awkwardly against a wall and it’s bound to get in the way. One popular bike storage solution is to get the bike off the floor and right onto the wall. You can do this easily, using a wall rack or hook.


Vertical racks are best for storing multiple bikes. If you have enough wall space, though, a horizontal rack is great for freeing up floor room. A bike hook or peg is a more attractive solution designed to let you hang a bike either against or perpendicular to a wall, depending on how much wall and floor space you have available. It can even be colour-matched to the wall.


Ceiling-mounted bike hook

If you have high ceilings or want to store your bike in a garage, ceiling-mounted bike hooks might work for you. These hooks will keep your bike well out of the way, plus they’re cheap to install and inconspicuous when not in use. The hooks usually attach to one of the bike’s wheels.


Bike shed

bike shed
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A bike shed is ideal if you don’t have a permanent storage space and want to keep your bike out of sight. Whether you choose a timber, plastic or metal shed, this sturdy, lockable container will keep your bike and other cycling paraphernalia safe, secure and protected from the elements.


Bike tent

A bike tent is a collapsible storage unit you can use to house bicycles and other cycling gear. Bike tents are portable and easy to assemble. They’re not as durable or secure as bike sheds, but they’ll still keep your gear protected from the elements.


Gravity stand

Want to store one or two bikes indoors, without drilling any holes in the wall? Consider a gravity stand. These minimalistic racks are quick to assemble and dismantle, and can be moved around easily. 


Bike lift

A bike lift lets you suspend a bike from the ceiling, without requiring that you hook it and then unhook it every time you need it. This clever pulley system – also called a bike hoist or bike pulley – attaches to the seat and handlebars of the bike, and makes it easy to hoist the bike up to the ceiling for storage.


Bike shelf

bike shelf
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If you have to store your bike in your living area, consider making it a statement piece by storing it on a bike shelf. These clever shelving units are built around a central space for your bike, and can be very attractive when filled with plants, books, candles or ornaments.