Boat Storage Solutions

It’s essential to protect and store expensive assets, such as ski boats, dinghies, jet skis and other water-borne craft, in a secure, conveniently located environment.


Theft, unwelcome invasions and high seas are amongst the inherent dangers associated with leaving boats unattended in the water.


At XtraSpace we offer affordable boat storage solutions at many of our self-storage facilities nationwide.


Why Opt for Boat Storage?

Our inexpensive month-to-month rental arrangements compete favourably with the cost of moorings that are becoming exceedingly difficult to find. Increased numbers of water sports enthusiasts are using South Africa’s rivers, dams and lengthy coastlines and are putting pressure on the existing in-water storage facilities.


Prohibitive municipal bylaws, particularly in upmarket gated communities, are making it more and more difficult to store large craft, from rubber ducks to ski boats, in residential areas.


Secure off-site boat storage is consequently becoming progressively more popular and is in demand right across the country.


The Nuts & Bolts of XtraSpace Boat Storage

Outdoor boat storage at XtraSpace Self Storage is available on both long and short-term lease agreements, providing you with financial flexibility.


We provide a written quotation based on the size of your craft. You’ll then be allocated a secure parking bay or bays. Easy drive-in storage solutions are coupled with unlimited access during office hours. If you need to access your boat after hours, please chat to us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.


We recommend you fit boat and/or engine covers for added protection.


Benefits of Boat Storage

  • Advanced security & protection.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Cost effective.
  • Exclusive access.
  • Easy to clean, paint and maintain craft on land.


Why Use XtraSpace Self Storage?

XtraSpace self-storage offers low-cost outdoor boat storage solutions at branches in major South African cities.


All our facilities are protected by sophisticated security measures that include perimeter fencing, security beams, CCTV monitoring systems and armed response 24 hours a day.


Short or long term rental arrangements are designed to enable total flexibility. All we require is one month’s written notice prior to your vacating the premises. Visit our website to find your nearest branch or to get a self-storage quote online.


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