Clothes StorageThere’s a myriad of reasons for storing clothing in sturdy, well ventilated and dust free self-storage units. You may be moving home, storing the bulky winter woollies or have simply run out of cupboard space and don’t want to part with those comfortable well-worn favourites.


Although self-storage isn’t rocket science, we’ve compiled a handful of practical tips that will protect the garments, expedite the packing task and allow easy access to items if needs be.


Be Methodical

The first rule is to be as methodical as possible, not only with the packing technique but with the marking of boxes too. Make sure each family member has his or her own box and pack similar items or outfits together.


Label the box clearly on all four sides in pen or koki and stack them one on top of the other, leaving a walkway or corridor in between each stack for ease of access.


The intent behind the self-storage process is to protect and maintain the integrity and quality of the clothes.


All items should consequently be washed and thoroughly dried prior to storage. Heavy bulky garments should be packed first and the carton or box filled with progressively lighter and more valuable items.


Added Protection against Mildew & Pests

It’s a good idea to separate the garments with pieces of clean, dry fabric or eco-friendly tissue paper.


You may elect to slide batches of clothes into plastic Ziploc bags but be aware of moisture build-up; it may result in the growth and spread of mildew and mould.


We suggest you add a desiccant or drying agent such as silica gel to the bags as a preventative measure. It’s also a good idea to check on your stored items on a regular basis so as to detect mould or pest infestation as soon as possible!


Avoid mothballs as they create overpowering odours that are difficult to remove. There are effective natural alternatives such as dried lemons pierced with cloves that are efficient and odourless.


If you choose to store your fashion wear on hangers, remember to use wooden or plastic hangers that have no corrosive parts. Lightly cover the items with a breathable fabric such as muslin. It will keep the clothes clean, dust free and well ventilated.


Top Tips for Clothing Storage

  • Only store clothing that is clean and completely dry.
  • Avoid using starch as it attracts pests.
  • Use only new, pest free packing containers and rust free hangers.
  • Add a drying agent such as silica gel to plastic bags.
  • Separate clothing with tissue paper or breathable fabrics such as muslin for added ventilation.
  • Opt for clean, dry, dust free and well-ventilated self-storage units offered by XtraSpace Self Storage facilities countrywide.

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