A round-up of some of the most legitimately useful online resources for South African homeowners.

south african home owners

Are you a homeowner who is always scrambling around to find the information you need, when you need it?


Here are 9 useful websites that’ll help you get on top of things, from navigating legal issues to identifying poisonous snakes or finding reliable contractors, vets or recycling drop-off sites.


Legal Advice Office

Legal Advice Office deals with thorny legal issues experienced by ordinary South Africans. Experts, specialising in various fields of the law, provide concise responses to questions submitted via the website.


This is a good resource for people who need advice relating to issues that fall within the ambit of property law, civil law, family law or personal injury law.


Website: https://www.legaladviceoffice.co.za/legal-advice-services


Handyman Direct

Handyman Direct connects clients with contractors operating in their area. Contractors are registered, independently validated and experienced.


Job postings attract quotes that are sent directly to the client. It’s the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way of getting a job done.


Website: https://www.handymandirect.co.za/


SA Snake Identification

South Africa is home to a number of venomous snakes. Bites are rare and most often avoided through common sense.


However, if there’s a snake on your property – or if someone in your household is actually bitten – it’s important to identify the snake. This will clarify what steps to take next.


This site is especially useful because it includes large, clear images of South Africa’s most common venomous snakes, along with useful information about their bites.


Website: http://www.tyroneping.co.za/snakes-south-africa/


Petco Recycling Drop-off Sites

As conscientious South Africans worried about the impact plastic waste is having on our planet, this site is a blessing.


It lists recycling drop-off points in each province, together with contact details and street addresses, where possible.


Website: http://petco.co.za/find-a-recycling-drop-off-site/


South African National Parks

The South African National Parks website is a window into the magical world of the South Africa’s myriad national parks. It’s also a useful online booking platform and information portal.


Holidaymakers can check availability of accommodation at the various parks and camps, make bookings, find maps and detailed information about park resources and activities and learn more about local fauna and flora.


Website: https://www.sanparks.org/


Mushroom Guru Mushroom Guide

The Mushroom Guru mushroom guide is the ideal reference point for South Africans who love to forage for, and eat, wild mushrooms.


It provides helpful information, and several excellent photographs, of local mushrooms that have been sorted into three main categories – edible, poisonous and medicinal.


Website: https://www.mushroomguru.co.za/poisonous-mushrooms.html


Seeds for Africa

Seeds for Africa is packed with information and resources relating to seeds, vegetables and edible plants.


The site includes vegetable planting guides for the various provinces. It also includes images and information on heirloom and organic seeds, along with gardening books, gift vouchers and plant and tree growing kits.


Website: https://www.seedsforafrica.co.za/pages/vegetable-planting-guides


Find a Vet

For many South Africans, pets are part of the family. In case they get sick or injured, an excellent vet should be a phone call away.


The official South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) website lists registered veterinary practices in each of the country’s provinces.


Website: http://www.sava.co.za/find-a-sava-vet/?province=western-cape


XtraSpace Self-Storage

South African homeowners look to XtraSpace for secure, affordable self-storage, over the short or longer term.


XtraSpace has self-storage branches across the country, in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Our site also features an online quote facility, a helpful storage unit size guide and information about our latest self-storage specials.


Website: https://xtraspace.elevatedev.co.zastorage

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