Simple but clever ways to save space in your bathroom.

Do you spend any time looking at images of guesthouses or featured homes in the media? If so, you might come to believe that everyone – except you – has a bathroom with modern neutral colours, immaculate surfaces and not a scrap of clutter anywhere.


Real bathrooms in constant use by families just don’t look like that (at least not for long!).


Nonetheless, there are a number of simple ways to declutter a bathroom. Try some of these storage tricks to save space and sanity in yours.


Shower dispenser

trio shower dispenser

Source: Amazon


A multi-channel shower dispenser is a useful bathroom accessory. Choose a high-end product, and it can add a touch of elegance to the shower cubicle.


No more shampoo and conditioner bottles lying about, and no more messy cakes of soap to slip on.


Mason jars  

mason jars

Source: Pinterest


Consider storing small bathroom bits and bobs – from hair clips and cotton balls to hand soaps and make-up brushes – in clear, matching mason jars.


You can arrange them neatly on a shelf. Then find exactly what you’re looking for without having to scratch through drawers or opaque containers.


Woven baskets  

woven baskets

Woven baskets are versatile bathroom storage solutions. You can stack them, hang them on a wall or even extend them from the roof. Any number of items, from towels to toilet rolls, can be stowed in baskets.


Plastic baskets are useful too, especially for shampoo and conditioner bottles and children’s bath toys.


Spice rack  

bathroom spicerack

Source: Pinterest


Wooden, plastic or wire spice racks are ready-made bottle, tub or tube organisers for the bathroom. The racks can be affixed to the wall as a trendy décor statement, or they can be placed on any surface, or in any drawer or cabinet, deep enough to accommodate their shape.



bathroom shelf

Putting up simple shelving is an easy way to optimise the space in a bathroom. Think out of the box and opt for corner shelving, or shelves that utilise the area above the toilet or bathroom door.


Magazine holder  

bathroom magazine holder

Source: Pinterest


A trendy magazine holder is the ideal docking station for hair dryers, curling tongs, flat irons and electric razors. The best way to store the appliances is head down, with the handles extending outwards to enable an easy grip.


Recycled cardboard tubes   

bathroom tubes

Source: Cathie Filian & Steve Piacenza


A neat and eco-friendly way of organising make-up brushes is in the central tubes of paper towels. The tubes can be cut down to any size, and decorated if you choose. Cover the tubes in adhesive plastic, and they can double as toothbrush holders too.


Lazy Susan

lazy susan

Source: Mdesign


Rotating turntables are fabulous for decluttering your bathroom. Use them to store beauty products and make-up that’s used on a daily basis. You can put them out of sight in a bathroom cupboard, too.


Wine rack

wine rack

Source: Creating Mary’s Home


A vertical wine rack may be ideal for storing towels. You can hang the rack behind the door, or make it a centrepiece in your bathroom’s décor.


Self-storage as a solution for decluttering

Self-storage is ideal for storing items you don’t need regularly, plan to sell or want out the way temporarily. At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units for terms as short as a month. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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