Even the smallest of homes include various nooks, crannies and other overlooked areas that can be used for extra storage space.


We consider some of the ways you can make these spaces work to your advantage.


1. Corner shelving

corner shelving small home storage

Corner shelving can be installed between two doorways, for example to house extra books. Or you can use it in the corner of a bedroom in place of a nightstand.


Kitchens also benefit from corner shelving above countertops or next to built-in cupboards.


2. Under-stair storage

under stair storage small home

If you have space under a staircase, this area can be easily transformed into a set of shelves, a cupboard or a study nook. Even bicycles and other sports equipment can be stored out of the way with the addition of some hooks.


Knee walls in attic rooms can also provide storage space, either as cupboards or as spaces for recessed bookshelves.


3. Entrance hall storage

entrance hall storage small home

An entrance hall can double up as a walk-in closet for all your outdoor gear, such as boots, umbrellas and coats. A unit that incorporates a bench can also be a handy spot for putting on shoes, while space under the seat acts as additional storage for muddy boots or firewood.


4. Towel rails or racks behind doors

towel rails racks behind doors small home storage

A couple of rails behind a bathroom door can be handy when wall space is limited. They can be used to store extra towels.


Hanging racks or baskets can also be added to cupboard doors, for example, to store cleaning products. Even the inside of a kitchen cabinet door can often support a small spice rack.


5. Ottoman or bench storage

ottoman bench storage small home

Doubling up as extra seating in your lounge, an ottoman with a lid is a great place for winter clothes or extra blankets. An outdoor bench with an opening top can also be used to store gardening equipment or hoses.


Even some coffee tables function as kists or include drawers.


6. Narrow cabinets or shelves

narrow cabinets shelves small home storage

Cabinets and shelves specifically built to fit narrow spaces make it possible to use otherwise unutilised space behind sofas and next to cupboards.


Thin, slide-out racks for cans or bottles can serve as a mini-pantry, and a narrow table behind a sofa gives you an extra surface for books, photo frames or even charging points for your laptop or phone.


7. Storage racks or shelves over sinks and basins

storage racks shelves basin toilet sink small home

The space around the bathroom basin, sink and even toilet isn’t often used to its full potential. Racks and shelves that stand over the basin and sink can create space for toiletries and items like detergent, sponges and washcloths.


Shelves above the toilet can be useful for storing extra loo rolls or towels.


For the kitchen, some dish-draining racks are even designed to fit over your sink, saving you space.


8. Extra shelving in or on cupboards

extra shelving in on cupboards small home storage

A lot of space in and around cupboards tends to be poorly utilised. Space below clothes you hang is seldom used for more than shoes. Adding a few shelves can mean not only extra shoe space but also storage space for other miscellaneous items and even clothing.


With the addition of a few slots or shelves, the flat side of a cupboard also makes a great bookshelf or shoe rack.


9. Ceiling and above-door shelves

ceiling above door shelves storage small home

Ceiling-height shelves are useful for long-term storage of items that aren’t frequently used. Even the space above a doorway, for example in a bedroom or bathroom, can be home to a shelf or cubbyhole.


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