Bathrooms always appear to be overflowing with stuff. Potions, pills, cosmetics and accessories are stacked and packed into one communal area. To help you free your bathroom of clutter, we’ve provided 8 savvy storage tips designed to maximise the limited space you’ve got at your disposal.


Stackable boxes

stackable boxes© image via Era Interior

Stackable boxes are versatile and affordable storage solutions that are available in all sorts of shapes, textures and sizes. As they are free standing and easy to move, stackable boxes are flexible enough to fit in almost any nook and cranny.


There are rustic wooden crates for the more cottagey type bathrooms, leather-clad boxes that simply ooze style, and clear and colourful PVC storage boxes that fit in beautifully with modern and minimalistic bathroom decor.


Vertical towel rack

vertical towel rack© image via eHome Coverage

Vertical racks keep the towels off the floor and are the most economical as regards space. You can create your own racks from wood, metal, rope or aluminium, or you can pick and choose from an endless selection of materials and styles.


You can opt for a free standing rack that leans against the wall or go for a more permanent solution by having the vertical towel racks professionally mounted and installed.


DIY shelving

DIY shelving© image via House 121

Bathroom shelving is one of the cheapest storage options of all. You can create your own shelves from old fruit or wine boxes, or simply attach matching baskets, cardboard boxes, wireframes, or glass or wooden slats onto the wall.


You can personalise shelves for him and her, and add deft colour touches to the all-white decor. Shelving is easy to do yourself, provided you’ve got the tools and spirit level to keep the lines nice and straight.


Storage tower

storage tower© image via Grass Cloth Wallpaper

Storage towers are eye-catching floor-to-ceiling units. They are built to fit into any lonely niche in the bathroom. They can be tucked away next to the door, or designed to flank the toilet or sink.


The slim elongated design ensures there is plenty of storage, but without compromising the available floor space. You can choose from conventional multi-storey cupboards crafted from all sorts of materials; funky ladder-like open shelves, and lightweight aluminium towers with clear glass partitioning.


Peg rails

peg rails© image via House and Garden

Horizontal peg rails are great storage tricks suitable for the entire house. They take up a small strip of door or wall space, and if mounted and painted properly, can disappear into the overall design and look of the bathroom.


You can craft the rails from spare wooden planks, and create pegs or hooks out of wire, wood, and any other matching bits and bobs lying around the house.


Wicker storage boxes

wicker storage boxes© image via Jana Justice

Wicker baskets are warm and organic storage options that fit into almost any style of bathroom. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used to store toilet rolls, hand soap, washcloths, cosmetics and more.


You’ll find all sorts of designs and styles that vary from soft, malleable wicker to more rigid and hard wearing treated materials. There are square, round and oblong storage baskets of all shapes and sizes, some with lids and some without.


Stylish pocket organisers

stylish pocket organisers© image via Babywall Adapster

Pocket organisers are cost-effective storage options that are available in all sorts of materials such as plastic, fabric, denim and crocheted material. Multiple pockets are attached to a backing that can be hung neatly behind the bathroom door.


You can stash almost anything, from hairdryers, combs and shampoo bottles to sponges, toothbrushes and eau de cologne, in neat little rows.


Sink cabinets

sink cabinets© image via Direct To You Furniture

Sink cabinets are sleek storage units designed to conceal the plumbing. They can be standalone cabinets made from wood or stainless steel, or they can be built in.


There are dozens of different design styles suitable for any bathroom, from free-floating and on legs, to floor-to-sink closed cabinets.


Storage with XtraSpace

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