A list of essential tips for getting more done in less time.

ways to be more productive

Instead of tackling the day’s tasks head on with the vigour and focus they deserve, most of us spend far too much time ruminating about how, when and why.


If you want to use your time to maximum effect at home, at the office or in your studies, read on for experts’ top productivity tips.


Some of the guidelines are plain common sense – but really put them into practice on a daily basis and they can change your life for the better, helping you get more done and freeing up time so you can relax too.


1. Plan and prioritise

The best way to achieve full productivity is to plan your day, and prioritise the most important tasks. An effective way to ‘plan and prioritise’ is to write down exactly what you want to accomplish over a defined period.


Once you’ve completed a task to your satisfaction, simply tick it off on your ‘blueprint for success,’ and get on with the next one. You’ll be able to assess whether you’re using your time optimally, or not.


If you’re achieving your goals faster than expected, you’ll be inspired to work that much harder…and smarter.


2. Say “no”

It’s critical to value your time above others’. Too often, we are compelled to help other people accomplish their goals, and to our detriment.


That’s not to say you should never be willing to help other people out. Once you’ve finished your household chores, homework or project, you can, by all means, give your fellow students, or co-workers, a helping hand.


3. Focus on efficiency

Productive people are efficient. They work quickly, and with singular focus. Try and become more efficient. Make a note of the day’s tasks, and how long it takes to accomplish each goal.


Try and identify periods of the day when you’re not at your most productive or efficient. Be aware when you’re simply checking your private email or social media page, chatting to friends or work colleagues, or just staring idly into space. Work on taking back the lost time.


Be aware of the times of day you feel the most refreshed and focused, and assign priority tasks to those periods. You may, for instance, be a morning person, or you may be more productive after lunch, or tea.


4. Keep alert and active

An agile and alert mind is a prerequisite for success. Spend an hour or so each day doing a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, learn a new language, or immerse yourself in a hobby or pastime.


Focus on something other than work, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish at home, or behind the desk.


Similarly, a healthy body equates to a healthy mind. Make sure you allot some time to exercise each day or week. Only 30 minutes of gentle exercise three times a week can do wonders for your health and well-being.


Take a long walk with the dog, go for a run in the forest or along the beach, or play structured sports like tennis, squash or football with your friends. Yoga and meditation are also great ways to relax and revive the mind, body, and spirit.


5. Be positive

Develop a positive “I can” attitude to everything you do. Focus on enjoying the experience, whether it’s washing the windows, tackling a maths problem or studying for final exams.


Positive actions beget positive reactions. Engage in any activity with a strong, optimistic mindset and you’re more likely to get positive results.


6. Delegate

A successful person isn’t afraid to delegate responsibility. It’s much more productive to do one or two jobs really well, than to do 100 tasks badly.


Share the workload with trusted others, and you’ll be able to concentrate fully on what you’re doing, instead of panicking about what still needs to be done. You’ll also have a happier and more engaged team of coworkers, ready to pitch in.


7. Not everything has to be perfect

To get the best results, you have to do a good job, but you don’t have to achieve perfection.


Perfectionists typically spend too much time on each task. Sometimes, they also become so focused on small details that they miss the bigger picture. So know when to let go!


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