Good questions to ask a removals company before trusting it to move your home or business.

questions to ask moving company

Moving home or business can be stressful. The right moving company is key to getting the job done as efficiently and painlessly as possible.


Before choosing a moving company, here are seven important questions to ask.


1. Are you registered?

A registered moving company may be more expensive, but proper accreditation means professional standards.


A registered company comes with the backing of an independent association that offers a range of customer benefits from in-transit insurance to dispute resolution.


The best moving companies in South Africa are registered with the Professional Movers’ Association (PMA), the South African International Movers’ Association (SAIMA) and the International Association of Movers (IAM).


2. Can you provide contactable references?

A company should be willing to give you names and contact details for past clients. Check any references you’re given.


Word of mouth is one of the best ways of assessing a moving company’s professionalism. Ask family, friends and neighbours for recommendations.


Be as proactive as possible. Search for ratings and user reviews online. Websites like Hellopeter and Sirelo are a good place to start.


3. Do you offer on-site quotes?

You need the most accurate quote you can get. The most effective way of getting this is by requesting an on-site assessment of the items to be moved.


There’s nothing more frustrating than being told on the day of the move that the cost has increased.


4. Are there factors that affect the moving costs?

Most moving companies charge extra for collecting or delivering items above a second floor.


The rate may also increase if the move is made longer or more difficult due to limited access, such as a narrow door or an inaccessible drive.


Ask a removals company to confirm, in writing, exactly what is and isn’t included in the quote.


Work out practical solutions to potential problems before moving day.


5. What kind of liability insurance does the company have?

Reputable moving companies have liability insurance, but it’s usually limited and only covers accidental loss and breakages.


Loss or damages incurred due to a road accident, hijacking, riot, fire, flood or any incident that is not within the company’s control are not covered.


Remember to take out additional in-transit insurance. The best removals companies usually offer insurance cover as a standalone product.


6. Do you use specialised moving equipment?

A professional moving company always has specialised equipment designed to expedite the move, and protect furniture and fragile items during the move.


If a company doesn’t use moving dollies, quality packaging materials, floor runners, moving blankets, shrink wrap and a moving ramp or hydraulic lift, find one that does.


7. Does your company sub-contract to other carriers?

Long-distance moving companies occasionally sub-contract all, or part, of the removals service to other carriers. Check that this is not the case with your chosen moving company.


It’s important to know that you would not have an agreement with a sub-contractor and if anything goes wrong, liability would be affected.


Do you need to store items before the move?

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