Whether you’re a creative craftsperson or have school kids, craft items can quickly accumulate in the home. Add beads, bauble and strands of twine and ribbon to paints, pens, glues and glitter, and there’s the potential for craft-induced chaos.


To ensure your living space is always neat and welcoming, consider these smart storage tips for keeping craft items organised and accessible.


1. Beads and baubles tea tray

Fine bone china teacups can double as attractive storage containers for beads, baubles and tiny faux gemstones. You can sort the craft items according to colour or type, and deposit them neatly into individual teacups.


2. Artsy crafty printer’s tray 

printers tray storage craft supplies
Source: Pinterest

A conventional printer’s tray, with its separate compartments, is ideal for storing a range of bits and bobs. Simply place it flat on any work surface and use it to store twine, ribbon, felt-tipped pens, pots of paint, buttons, badges and other assorted items. It’s neat, practical and easy to stow in a cupboard or drawer.


3. Tin can pen and koki holders

store pens khokis tins
Source: Decor M Thai

A great way to store coloured pencils, fat kokis and felt-tipped pens is in empty tin cans. Simply collect cans and wrap or paint them. Once the decorating is done, nail or glue each one to a piece of wood or Perspex, and hang the finished item above your craft workstation. By recycling, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment.


4. Pull ‘n snip ribbon dispenser 

A neat way to store ribbons or twine is in an old shoebox. You can dress it up by wrapping or painting it. Then simply make uniformly spaced holes on one side of the box. Deposit the rolls inside and thread each length of ribbon or twine through one of the corresponding holes.


5. Perfect Pegboards

pegboard craft supplies storage
Source: Brit+Co

Pegboards are practical storage accessories you can easily personalise with a coat of paint. You can hang all your crafting tools and materials on one, easy-to-access, flat-backed area. If you require additional storage space, simply add another pegboard.


6. Test tubes for sequins and buttons

buttons sequins test tube storage
Source: Eat Drink Chic

Test tubes are ideal containers for sequins, beads and buttons. They are transparent, sealable and uniform in size and shape. You can stack them horizontally on a tray or flat shelf, or you can invest in a plastic or wooden test tube holder. Arrange them all together and they can serve as an attractive focal point in your working area or living space.


7. Clothes pegs for thread

A sensible and creative way of storing embroidery thread is on a set of matching wooden clothes pegs. Simply wind different coloured floss onto each peg, and place the end of the thread firmly into the clasp of the peg. It’s a no-fuss solution, and you can store all your pegs in one basket!


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