An “in the know” guide to storing golf equipment so it stays in tip-top condition.

store golf equipment

Did you know? The world average for the number of rounds golfers play per year is 21 – a little under twice per month. The rest of the time, expensive golf equipment has to be stored.


It’s worth investing just a little TLC in this equipment. Properly maintaining and storing golf equipment can extend its life.


Store golf equipment somewhere secure

Golf equipment isn’t just expensive. It’s also designed to be portable. This makes it a target if you leave it unprotected in a public area.


Given comparatively high crime rates, it’s also not a good idea to leave your golf clubs where they’re visible from a window in your home. Don’t leave them in your car unnecessarily either.


Don’t store golf clubs in the boot of your car

It’s not just in case of vehicle theft that you shouldn’t leave golf equipment in your car boot.


Especially on sunny South African days, the temperature in a car boot can quickly become too high for golfing equipment.


It can cause the glue used in manufacturing golf clubs to break down. This includes the epoxy glue that attaches club heads to the shafts, and the glue under the grips.


Also, even if they’re stowed in a good-quality golf bag, golf clubs may move around and get scratched or dinged as you drive. They’ll also be at risk if you chuck other heavy items, like shopping bags, into your boot.


Protect from damp

Mould is the enemy. It can quickly grow inside the humid interior of a golf bag, corroding equipment and the bag itself.


For this reason, it’s important not to store golf equipment anywhere that’s damp. Opt for an environment that’s cool, dry and free of pests – probably not the garage and definitely not an outdoor tool shed.


Clean golf balls before storing them

Cleaning and storing your golf balls correctly will enable you to use them over a longer period of time. Clean your golf balls with warm water and a spoon or two of dishwashing soap.


Brush dirty golf balls with a tooth brush or a non-metal scourer. After cleaning, use a towel to dry the balls. Then air-dry them, ensuring they’re fully dry before storing them in a cloth bag.


Clean golf clubs, grip to blade

Clean your golf clubs just like you clean your golf balls. Use warm water, dishwashing soap and a tooth brush or a non-metal scourer to remove mud and dirt from the grip, shaft, club head and blade. Pat dry with a towel and then air-dry them.


Protect clubs from scratches and nicks

Check each club for nicks and dents, and clean and dry them thoroughly. After cleaning, use metal polish on your clubs.


Another way to lengthen the life span of your golf clubs is to use the club head covers whenever they are not in use, and especially while you drive to and from the golf course.


Take care of your golf bag

Taking care of your golf bag will help you to keep your golf clubs from wearing down while you carry them around. Before storing your golf bag, remove all its content.


For non-leather bags, use a soft cloth with warm water and non-abrasive soap to clean the bag. Leave the bag to air dry for 24 hours.


Most leather golf bags come with specific guidelines from their manufacturer. Follow these guidelines or contact the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.


Depending on the bag fabric, it might be safe to remove mildew by scrubbing gently with a non-metal scourer, using a mixture of water and vinegar. Then leave the bag in the sun for the day.


Rotate golf gloves

While cleaning your golf gloves from sweat, grime and dirt is important, over-washing them may wear them out and affect your hold. One way to deal with this is to use two or more sets of gloves and rotate them, using one set while cleaning the other.


Wash the gloves in cold water before laying them out to air dry for a few hours. From time to time, put the gloves on for a few minutes, to keep them from shrinking.


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