Six under-bed storage ideas for convenient, organised storage – without buying expensive products or needing advanced carpentry.

Storing personal goodies out of sight is always first prize – especially in homes with limited space. Under-bed storage is a clever way of doing precisely that.


Here are a few creative ideas for keeping books, toys, clothes and shoes neatly contained beneath the bed.


Dolly up used wooden fruit crates

under bed storage

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Old wooden wine and fruit crates have the ideal dimensions for under-bed storage. They are sturdily built, easy to handle, and boast an attractive vintage aesthetic.


With a quick clean-up, and perhaps a lick of varnish or paint, the crates themselves are afforded a second life.


Add a few handy accessories, like handles and wheels, and what were once used to ferry fruit and wine around become easily accessible self-storage boxes.


Re-purpose a shoe organiser

under bed storage

Source: Architecture Ideas


A shoe organiser doesn’t necessarily have to hang behind the cupboard door. The versatile design lends itself to all sorts of applications, including neat and natty under-bed storage.


Pre-partitioned cubicles can contain any number of different items, from shoes and smalls to books and rolled up towels and pillow cases.


A shoe organiser is a ready-made, completely covered, see-through storage solution that can easily slide in and out beneath the bed.


Go horizontal with an old bookcase

under bed storage

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A bookcase is designed to contain books in an upright position. Right? Well again, that is not necessarily true.


It may fly in the face of convention but lying a bookcase on its back, and sliding it in or out from under a bed, is a clever under-bed storage idea.


Effortless access can be enabled by fixing a handle to one side. What’s more, the deep vertical shelving is ideal for storing just about anything, from toys to books, photo albums, seasonal clothing or even shoes.


Add flow to vintage suitcases

under bed storage

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Stashing empty suitcases away takes up an inordinate amount of cupboard space. Rather fill them up with out-of-season clothing, shoes, bed linen and bits and bobs, and slide them under the bed.


As suitcases are also lockable, they can act as semi-secure storage vaults for more valuable items.


When old suitcases are no longer used for packing and travelling, a set of castors or wheels can easily be added to the underside to maximise mobility.


Borrow an old dresser draw

under bed storage

Source: Home-Dzine


One or more old dresser drawers are just the ticket for storing stuff beneath the bed.


They are pre-fitted with knobs or handles, and have a storage capacity tailor made for clothing, bed linen, comic, magazines and other bits and pieces.


As with crates and suitcases, the addition of a set of castors can go a long way in making it easier to get the drawers in and out from under the bed.


Build a raised platform for the bed

under bed storage

Source: Chatfield Court


What is the best possible way of maximising the space under the bed? Building a raised platform, and placing the mattress or futon on top of it.


By matching the exact dimensions of the mattress, you have oodles of space that can be partitioned according to your requirements.


Then it is simply a matter of re-purposing one or two wicker baskets, and using them as under-bed storage containers. Wheels or leather slides can be added to bottom of the baskets to allow for the storage and retrieval of items.


When you can’t contain all the household clutter, it’s time to consider a professional storage solution.


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