In a rented home or apartment, you may not be allowed to make significant or structural changes to the premises – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a rented space your own.

Wall colours

wall colour paint rental

Most landlords will let you paint the walls, provided you paint them in a fairly neutral colour or promise to repaint before you leave. Landlords may also be open to covering or sharing the costs of painting.



wallpaper rental living space

Temporary wallpaper can be removed with minimal fuss. You can use this option to add colour and patterns to a room, especially if you’re not allowed to paint.



indoor plants rental space

Plants can make a big difference to any space. Add an abundance of plants to detract from features you’re not fond of and to freshen up the area.



wall art rental space

Pre-printed canvases are relatively inexpensive and can add an instant personal touch to your décor.



layered rugs rental space

Rentals often have cheap or outdated flooring. If you’re not a fan of the beige tiles or wall-to-wall carpeting, cover the floor with layered rugs.



diy lampshades rental space

Lampshades are relatively easy to change back if you move, so if your new home has lampshades that don’t work for you, buy (or make!) some that are more to your taste.



mirrors decor rental space

If your rented home has small or enclosed areas, mirrors can help them feel bigger and brighter.



welcome doormat decor rental space diy

Adding an interesting doormat will make your home feel more welcoming and lived in. You can even create your own!


Blinds and curtains

blinds curtains decor rental space

Adding curtains is a good way to freshen up any room with colour and a personal touch. You can even get a bit creative if you don’t fancy conventional drapery.



chalkboard paint decor rental space

A chalk or whiteboard can be painted directly onto the wall using special paint. You can use foam dado rails for an inexpensive and stylish frame.


Fairy lights

fairy lights decor rental space

Fairy lights can be used for all sorts of things. Run them along your skirting or ceiling for mood lighting or make shapes on the wall for some unusual, illuminated art.



lamp light decor rental space

Having the option to turn off the overhead light and use lower lighting can make a room feel cosier in the evenings.


Knobs and handles

knobs handles rental space

Knobs or handles on cupboards are easy to change and can be easily replaced with the old ones if you move.


Wall vinyl

wall vinyl decor rental space

Vinyl wall art can be removed from walls and windows with relative ease so you don’t need to worry about the landlord complaining.


Incense or scented candles

scented candle decor rental space


New homes often have an unfamiliar smell. Burn some incense or your favourite scented candle to make the smell more like your own space.


Personal items

personal items decor rental space

Displaying your personal treasures, especially ones that hold fond memories, will make any space feel more like home.


Work with the existing décor

retro kitchen decor rental space

If you’re stuck with bright green kitchen cupboards, try to incorporate them into your décor instead of trying to hide them.


Room dividers

room divider curtain

Dividing up a room can give you more nooks and crannies to work with. Using fabric can also be a way to add warmth with colour and texture.


Don’t neglect the outside

balcony comfortable decor rental

If you have a balcony or garden, make sure it’s comfortable and inviting by adding some comfy outdoor chairs and pot plants.


Paint your furniture

painted furniture decor rental space

If you’re not allowed to paint your walls bright colours, consider painting some of your furniture to introduce more colours into a room.



book shelves rental space

Adding books, even if they’re not on a bookshelf, gives a personal touch and a cosy or inviting feel to a room.


Open storage

open storage decor rental space

Having your general storage on display, on shelves or in crates and boxes for example, can give your space a more lived in feel.


Repurpose crates as bookshelves

old crate book shelf decor rental space

Old crates or boxes on their side can serve as a quick and easy bookshelf. And they’re modular too!


Make your own cushions


scatter cushions decor rental

Making scatter cushions is easy, even if you don’t have a sewing machine. There are loads of styles and fabrics to choose from.



displaying photos rental space

There are lots of inexpensive ways you can display personal photos of friends and family around the house.


Cut down on the clutter

clear out store clutter decor rental space

Having too much stuff hanging around can make your space feel uninviting. Consider storage for items that you don’t have space for but can’t bear to sell.


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