It’s a common problem – you’ve got too much stuff, and too little storage space.


This likely leads to corners of clutter, and a general sense of feeling disorganised and disorientated in your own space. Thankfully, practical people come up with clever storage hacks all the time. Many of these problem-solvers are kind enough to share their storage solutions.


Here are some of the cleverest ideas doing the rounds on the internet.


For the home

Kitchen aids

  • In your cleaning cupboard, a shoe rack tacked inside the door neatly holds your cleaning products. Other DIY tricks to maximise the space in your cleaning cupboard include adding shower shelving units to inside the door for cleaning products, and using a shoe hanger for paper towels or toilet rolls.
  • Say “no more” to Tupperware lids separated from their containers by using a CD rack for lid storage.
  • Put circular “lazy Susans” in cupboard corners, so you can readily access spices, tupperware and other items. A quick turn is all that’s needed to make anything in the cupboard easy to reach.

Bathroom basics

Bedroom ideas

  • Stockings and scarves needn’t get tangled into a nest. Hang them on clothes hangers for a neat solution.
  • Humble ice trays become life savers on busy week mornings as they make finding fiddly accessories, like earrings and rings, a breeze.
  • If you sleep in a small room and have no room for an extra chest of drawers, slip boxes or plastic tubs under the bed instead of drawers.

Lounge around

Garage guide

  • A garage (even one serving as a “man cave”) doesn’t have to be a mess. Clear plastic containers, properly labelled and stacked, make finding even the smallest of parts effortless.
  • Secure PVC pipe tubing to the wall for things like handles, brooms and rakes. Also see other excellent tips for turning a messy garage into a thing of beauty.

For the office

Shoebox storage
via Lifehack
  • Those blessed with the creative touch will be all over this arty idea. For cheap and cheerful file and book storage, convert used shoeboxes into DIY shelves. Arrange the bottoms of the boxes in your chosen configuration, decorate with paint or wrapping paper and prop up on your desk. Ta da!
  • If you have a bit of a budget, go vertical to save floor space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.
  • For a home office looks more like home, and less like office, wicker baskets come in handy again. Hang them on nails on the walls and they quickly serve as shelves.
  • Lacking drawer space? Panel the wall above your desk so that it acts as a peg board with nails for hanging stationary items.

The ultimate storage solution

XtraSpace Self Storage

For items taking up too much space in the home or office, the ultimate “storage hack” is to use a self-storage unit. You can store items in a clean, safe environment and access them whenever you need them, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


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