Have a low-cost, stress-free festive season with our budget Christmas ideas.

After such a difficult year, money will be tight for many this Christmas. Our 15 ideas for a brilliant but low-cost Christmas will help you celebrate without breaking the bank.


1. Make your own Christmas gifts

homemade christmas gifts

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A homemade gift saves money and shows a personal and thoughtful touch. You can bake cookies, create a piece of art or make a beautiful photo album with your favourite memories.


2. Choose low-cost gift ideas

low cost toys

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Take a trip to the Crazy Store or your local R5 shop to see what low-cost gifts you can find. Basic cheap toys are great for younger kids. These shops often have well-priced books, games and pool or beach gear.


3. Use alternatives to wrapping paper

alternatives to wrapping paper

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You can make your own wrapping paper from craft paper, stamps, stickers and paint. You can also use plain paper and decorate gifts with items in your home, such as ribbons, string, flowers and leaves.


4. Get creative with the Christmas tree

diy christmas tree

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You can make a Christmas tree out of just about anything in your house, including books, ribbons, fabric, a ladder, egg cartons or branches and sticks from the garden. This article has some original and quirky ideas.


5. Make your own decorations

homemade christmas decorations

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Use items in your home to make Christmas decorations. Get together with a group of friends and family to have a creative crafts session. There are lots of ideas in this article.


6. Get everyone to pitch in

low cost south african christmas

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Ask friends and family to contribute to food, drinks and decorations on the day. It’s only fair that everyone works together to make Christmas a special event.


7. Take advantage of sales and specials

christmas sale

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Look out for sales and specials in the lead up to Christmas. Buy gifts and decorations when you spot a bargain. Many shops are reducing prices to boost turnover after lockdown.


8. Buy fewer gifts this year

holding small gift

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You may have to buy presents for fewer people this year. Buying gifts for people you barely know is an expensive undertaking. The cost of even small gifts adds up quickly. Consider buying presents for the whole family instead of individual members.


9. Ask for assistance instead of presents

financial support

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Instead of gifts from friends and family, ask if they’d be willing to help you out financially. It could be covering a bill, contributing towards something you need or topping up your savings account for a rainy day.


10. Gift favours instead of presents

doing favours as a gift

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An experience may be more appreciated than a present. Offer to help someone paint their house, babysit their children or give them a homemade voucher for a massage and home spa day.


11. Check if you have coupons or cash-backs

pick n pay store front

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Many retailers have loyalty cards that result in vouchers when you’ve spent enough money. After a year of swiping your card every time you shop, you might be surprised how many coupons or vouchers you’ve accumulated.


12. Have a picnic or braai instead of a big lunch

braai spot

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In South Africa, we’re lucky to have our holiday season during the summer. Instead of spending the day indoors and preparing a huge lunch, enjoy a braai at your local park or a picnic at your nearest botanical garden.


13. Enjoy a family outing instead of gifts

families in swimming pool

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If the costs of individual gifts are adding up, enjoy a big family outing instead. Look out for bundle specials on entry tickets to somewhere unusual or head to the beach for a day of sun, sea and ice-cream.


14. Dip into your savings

piggy bank

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A Christmas piggy bank that you put money into every month is the way to prepare for the festive season, but this year it may not contain much. Even so, double check your budget to see if there are any spare savings. You might be pleasantly surprised.


15. Give back this Christmas

box of toys

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For many families, the festive season is a stark reminder of how little they have. This year is going to be particularly difficult.


A fulfilling way to make a difference this Christmas is to donate some of your time, food items or toys to a worthy cause.



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