Useful tips on how to store necklaces and earrings so they don’t get tangled, lost or damaged.

If you’re like me, you love wearing jewellery. But how many times do you end up with odd earrings and a tangled web of necklaces? You can opt for a standard jewellery box, but that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem of missing butterfly backs and a messy muddle of chains and pendants.

Here are 15 fun ways to organise your jewellery so that you can find the pieces you want, when you want them.

Ice tray

Ice tray

Source: O Que Toda Mulher

Aside from providing the ice for a martini or G&T, a conventional ice tray can be transformed into a storage container for earrings and other “bling”.



Source: Etsy

Why not adorn your dreamcatcher with your favourite pieces? You can hang individual earrings and necklaces from the netting… and add a little dazzle to your dreams!

Pill boxes

pill box

Source: Good Housekeeping

Pill boxes are the ideal way of storing your stash. They’re transparent, consist of separate compartments, and close firmly with a click.

Garden fork

garden fork

Source: Amazon

A repurposed garden fork, shorn down to size, is a practical, multi-pronged jewellery organiser that’s eye-catching too.



Source: Etsy

Driftwood is textured, weathered and free from the sea. With a lick of paint and little bit of TLC, driftwood makes the perfect base from which to hang necklaces, drop earrings and other jewellery.


peg boardpeg board

Source: The 36th Avenue

A pegboard is a ready-made jewellery organiser. You can hang it, frame it and decorate it in your own unique style.

Wine corks

wine corks

Source: Etsy

Soft, organic and similarly sized, old wine corks can be re-imagined as unique, beautiful and aromatic storage solutions for your pretty pieces.

Cheese grater

cheese grater

Source: Pinterest

With just a dash of colour, you can transform an ordinary old cheese grater into a super-safe place to clip those diamond, emerald and ruby earrings!

Printer’s tray

painters tray

Source: Pinterest

Add a few pins and hooks to a printer’s tray and you can categorise and compartmentalise your entire jewellery collection.

Glass jars

Glass jarglass jar

Source: Beads wholesale online

Apothecary jars are transparent and secure. You can seal pairs of earrings into each jar or suspend necklaces from home-made wire hooks driven firmly into the underside of corks.



Source: North Shore News

Buttons are great little jewellery organisers tailor-made for earrings. Simply insert the findings through individual button holes, click on the tops, and pop the buttons into a plastic zip-loc bag.


hangercoat hanger

Source: Muslin and Merlot

An old wooden hanger is an easy-peasy jewellery storage idea. All you need is a few hooks, and you’ll be able to neatly arrange your necklaces and earrings in one place.



Source: Annas Creative Outlet

Choose a funky piece of fabric, frame it, and hang it somewhere nice and accessible. Sew on a few metal rings, and you’ve got an elegant all-purpose jewellery holder.

Shower curtain hooks

shower curtain hooksshower curtain hooks

Source: Trinknitty

Shower curtain hooks come in all shapes and sizes. As most hooks are self-sealing, they’re a secure way of sorting and storing your necklaces.



Source: Amazon

A revolving jewellery organiser is ideal for small spaces. You can hang it or place it on any flat surface, and suspend your jewellery from the hooks or rods.

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