Décor tricks to make a small room appear more spacious. 

Small rooms can seem pokey if you make the wrong décor choices. Use these decorating tips to give a small space the impression of being larger.


1. Paint the walls a light colour

paint the walls a light colour

Dark walls can make a room appear gloomy and small. Instead, go for a light paint on the walls and introduce colour with art.


2. Use an accent wall

feature wall

An accent wall creates added depth. For example, wallpaper with geometric patterns can trick the eye into thinking the room is longer.


3. Clear out the clutter

no clutter

Don’t overfill a small room with furniture, rugs and ornaments. The simpler the décor is, the more neutral areas there will be to give the impression of space.


4. Hang a large mirror

big mirror

A large mirror on the correct wall can make a room seem much bigger and helps to distribute natural light.


5. Opt for neutral décor

neutral decor

Lots of bright colours and patterns can overwhelm the eyes and make the space feel cluttered and cramped. A neutral colour scheme gives the impression of minimalism.


6. Install floor-to-ceiling blinds

floor to ceiling blinds

Full-length curtains and blinds make a ceiling seem higher. Short curtains make small rooms feel boxy. Try to get long drapes that hang straight and give the room height.


7. Use the right tiles

large tiles

If you have tiles on the walls and floors pick larger or longer tiles. Avoid large, thick grout lines. Diagonal tiles help a room appear more spacious, especially on the floor.


8. Buy furniture with exposed legs

exposed furniture legs

Exposed legs create a visual gap between the floor and the underside of the furniture. This helps with the feeling of openness and volume.


9. Have fewer but larger furniture pieces

large furniture

Don’t fill the room with too many furniture items and make the ones you choose large. For example, one large sofa unit is better than two small ones.


10. Choose the right flooring

floor rugs

Avoid busy flooring with lots of lines and patterns. If you have light walls, a dark floor creates contrast and space. A large complementary rug can make the floor feel bigger.


11. Arrange good lighting

good lighting

Use multiple lamps to ensure a wide distribution of soft light. Encourage natural light wherever possible.


12. Hang the right art

hang the right art

A large artwork on the correct wall can give a room depth and definition. Lots of small art pieces have the opposite effect.


13. Remove the ceiling

exposed trusses

It’s a drastic measure but removing the ceiling to expose the roof trusses can give a small room a lot more volume and height.


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