Clever ideas for storing all those small items that clutter your home.

Clutter: an untidy collection of things (noun); to fill a space with many things, untidily (verb).


Sound familiar? Sure, you can declutter by having a pre- or post-season toss-out. But, what about small items like seldom- or seasonally used clothing, shoes and accessories; electrical cords and gadgets; the plethora of shower and bathtime essentials; stationery; linen; desk items, and more?


When it comes to small items, there is no less in most of our homes. Every modern home needs more clever storage ideas for small items.


The home office

Many home desks or offices have multiple users. But how to manage everyone’s stationery, hardware and “paperware” for maximum efficiency and ergonomic appeal?


Idea # 1: Place your stationery and electrical gadgets in clear glass storage jars


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Glue the jars together and stack them on your desk for pretty efficient access to pens, pencils, and other stationery. Or glue the lid on the underside of the desk and use the jars to store electrical cords and gadgets.


Idea # 2: Repurpose your desk

repurpose your desk

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Hang file holders or baskets off the edges with clips. And if you’re feeling committed to DIY, create a hanging shelf under your desk or even make a desk that doubles as a shelf.


Idea # 3: Walls and all

walls and all

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You can use cereal boxes that you’ve decorated with pretty paper, or even buy plastic file holders and nail these to the wall. And if your office is as small as your storage, then cut your shelf to fit your space.


The bathroom

Normally the smallest room in the house, and one in which you really don’t want to have to sweat the small stuff.


Idea # 4: Get funky and upcycle


© image via HGTV


Budget bathrooms normally require budget solutions. Get creative and upcycle wooden crates and baskets. Then use them to store everything from towels (rolled up please!) to loo paper.


Idea # 5: Or, just float

floating shelves

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It’s not just you who can float in your bathroom. Using floating shelves to maximise use of small spaces for small items, and to create the Zen look and feel your bathtime is asking for.


Idea # 6: If all else fails, hide

under counter storage

© image via HGTV


Use under-counter storage units to keep the lines in your bathroom clean, while storing small items without distracting your view.


The kitchen

A kitchen might well be redefined as the place where all small items go to wreak havoc with our organising skills and our sense of the aesthetic.


Idea # 7: Keep drawers and cupboards calm and simple

tidy drawers kitchen

© image via Augusta Apartments


Simplify kitchen storage by organising cupboards so that they store only like items. Use cupboard and drawer organisers, or split large cupboards in two with partitioning, or better yet, more drawers.


Idea # 8: Use the doors

use the doors

© image via Augusta Apartments


Every cupboard has a door. So use it to maximise space and organise everything that would otherwise be difficult to see and harder to get to.


Idea # 9: Open it up


open shelves

© image via Augusta Apartments


If you love your stuff, and especially your crockery, then use open shelving to display it. Open kitchen shelving also allows you to see at a glance what’s where and makes it easy to reach.


The bedroom

Bedrooms are the alpha and omega of modern life. So clear this space for rest and rejuvenation by being super-organised.


Idea #10: Under the bed

under bed storage

© image via Angies List


Under-bed storage solutions are sometimes built in to what you buy, or be totally excluded as a possibility. So think carefully about bed purchases to ensure that you have some under-bed space to use.


If you were blessed with foresight, you might already have a built in set of drawers under your bed. If not, and you bought an “off-the-ground” option, then look into buying bed storage units on wheels. If you’re on the ground, then consider lifting off with your next purchase, or consider these other ideas instead.


Idea # 11: Above your head

above bed storage

© image via Pinterest


If your bedroom isn’t already sporting a headboard, you can make one to store all the small items you want to see or place within easy reach.


Idea # 12: Size doesn’t always count

open wardrobe

© image via Nano Buffet


Bedroom cupboards vary in size, shape and aesthetic appeal. But don’t be deterred if yours isn’t as large as a walk-in closet. Use the space optimally by dividing it according to purpose. This means you can add drawer organisers, or hang accessories on doors, while clearing the bottom of the cupboard for easy storage of small items like shoes in boxes.


But what if that’s not enough?

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