Super-organised ways to store bedding and linen, as well as towels.

We offer 11 super-organised ways to store bedding and linen.


Last-minute scrambles for clean sheets, duvet covers or bath towels can leave a linen cupboard in chaos. Storing bedding and linen so that they’re easily accessible wins half the battle!


How to store sheets

Sheets and fitted sheets, in particular, can be a nightmare to fold and store.


When they’re the same colour but different sizes, spotting a single sheet from a double is a challenge.


Here’s how to organise your sheets like a housekeeper at a five-star hotel.


Master the art of folding a fitted sheet

folding a fitted sheet

Source: The Mattress and Sleep Company


It’s important to know how to fold a fitted sheet before you store it.


Once you’ve learned the technique and all the folded sheets conform to the same shape and size, storing them is much easier.


Organise sheets according to category

organise sheets according to category

Source: The Spruce


Arrange the sheets according to size, colour and bedroom. If there’s sufficient space in the linen cupboard, place each pile or category on its own shelf.


Label the shelves, so you can find the correct sheet for each bed.


Use baskets as sheet organisers

use baskets as sheet organisers

Source: HGTV


Identical baskets make it easy to store sheets by designated room. 


Store sheets inside matching pillowcases


store sheets inside matching pillowcases

Source: Casper


Hunting for matching sheets and pillowcases is frustrating and time consuming. Place the folded sheet inside the pillowcase and store the set together.


Tips for storing duvet sets

Duvet sets are bulky items that require different storage solutions.


Use an ottoman, trunk or kist instead of the linen cupboard

use an ottoman

Source: Walmart


An ottoman, old leather trunk or wooden kist at the base of the bed is the ideal storage space for duvets and duvet sets.


Store duvet sets vertically

store duvet sets vertically

Source: Kelleynan


Fold the duvet cover in half, place the matching pillow cases in the fold and roll the whole set up to create a sturdy item that can easily be stored “standing up”. A ribbon, tied around the middle, keeps everything neatly in place.


Clever towel storage ideas

Bulky towels take up lots of cupboard space. These creative ideas keep beach and bath towels neat, accessible and organised.


Install a wire towel basket

install a wire towel basket

Source: The Organized Home


Trendy, minimal and capable of holding folded and rolled towels, wire baskets are affordable and easy to install.


Invest in an elegant standing towel rack

invest in an elegant standing towel rack

Source: HubPages


Practical – and a décor piece – a freestanding rack is a space-saver. It can be moved from room to room, if required.


Use a hanging towel holder

use a hanging towel holder

Source: Etsy


A simple design belies sturdy architecture capable of holding multiple bath sheets neatly colour-matched for a stylish look.


Select ready-to-go beach towel carriers

ready to go beach towel carriers

Source: Pinterest


Store beach towels in dedicated storage, ready for a day in the pool or at the beach.


Store surplus bedding and linen in a self-storage unit

self storage unit

A cluttered linen cupboard is a messy one. Don’t slipping back into bad habits.


Separate the surplus sheets, seasonal duvet sets and beach towels, and place a self-storage unit. 


Once the seasons change or guests are on their way, the extra bedding is a quick trip away.


At XtraSpace, we offer clean, secure self-storage units – the ultimate, super-organised way to store bedding and linen that you don’t need right away. Contact us for more information or browse to find a branch near you.


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