Turn outdoor space into extra living room with these imaginative ideas.

Worldwide, the coronavirus lockdown has given us ample opportunity to appreciate the value of space at home.


Now, more than ever, we understand the need to breathe, exercise and connect with nature.


Here are 11 easy ways to extend your living space into the great outdoors without compromising your comfort levels.


Install an outdoor mirror panel 

outdoor mirror

Source: Pinterest


When space is limited, creating the illusion of space is the next best solution and an outdoor mirror panel does exactly that.


Install the mirror on an exterior balcony wall, behind a trellis or as a standalone feature in the garden to reflect light and stunning views into your private domain.


Build a corner bench

corner bench

Source: Pouted


A corner bench maximises the use of a small outdoor space.


Jazz the corner up by installing accent lighting beneath the bench, scattering colourful cushions along the seating area and putting up a sun umbrella to keep the area cool and comfortable.


Create a vertical garden

vertical garden

Vertical gardens transform any small space into a green and fragrant outdoor getaway.


They’re a great way to reclaim unused spaces and are ideal for patios, balconies and courtyards.


Install ambient lighting

ambient lighting

Ambient lighting can soften the most utilitarian spaces and convert them into romantic, cosy nooks.


Lamps, lights and candles bring a warm glow to any outdoor living area and accentuate the existing landscaping.


Built-in planter boxes  

planter boxes

Source: Home BNC


Planter boxes built into the top of garden walls and dividers save space, elevate plants and create an eye-catching horizon when they’re in full bloom.


They can also create a more private living space away from prying eyes.


Put up a privacy screen  

privacy screen

Source: One Kind Design


Privacy screens can separate an existing living space or create a concealed corner where you can relax and unwind.


Screens can be put up as a permanent feature or as a temporary solution that’s easy to fold away and store.


Construct a sunken terrace

sunken terrace

Source: Pinterest


Sunken terraces are modern, stylish and offer a little more privacy in heavily built-up areas.


They partially protect against the elements and are a great way of utilising a comparatively small outdoor area.


Lay a deck  

lay a deck

Source: Real Homes


Wooden decks are warm and organic. They’re an extension of nature and can be installed virtually anywhere.


Sling a sail over a deck and you’ve got a multi-use living space where you can dine, sunbathe and entertain.


Build a patio and fire pit  

fire pit

Source: Love Property


Reclaim a small section of your garden for a patio and fire pit.


There’s no better way of saying farewell to the day than in front of a fire, surrounded by family and friends.


Go with a gazebo  


Source: Love Property


A gazebo is your own private garden room.


It’s a comfortable living space sheltered from the weather that can transform your garden into a stylish, indoor-outdoor entertainment zone.


Hang a hammock

hang a hammock

Source: Livabl


One of the best ways of utilising limited space in your garden, your patio or balcony is to sling up a hammock.


It’s the perfect way to while away a few hours in the day and will have you believing you’re on an island paradise.


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