Get a head start on your move by packing your least-needed items first.

items to pack first when moving


Packing up an entire household is a daunting task and it’s not easy to know where to start.


Begin with the items you use least often and continue from there.


Before you start

When organising a house move, there are a few tasks you need to do before you start packing:


• a clutter cleanout to reduce the amount of stuff to be packed

• a checklist of tasks that need to be done for the move

• an inventory of household items to be packed and moved

• buy the necessary boxes and packing materials

• get quotes and choose a moving company.


XtraSpace’s sister company, Ecobox, offers reusable plastic moving boxes. These sturdy boxes can be hired on a weekly basis and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your move. Ecobox also supplies traditional moving equipment and packing materials.


What to pack first

This will vary depending on your lifestyle but certain items are either seasonal or used infrequently enough to be packed up a few weeks or even months in advance.


1. Garage contents

There’s bound to be plenty of items stored in the garage that won’t be used in the weeks leading up to your move, such as power tools, gardening equipment and camping gear.


2. Seasonal clothing

If you’re moving during summer, pack your winter clothing and leave one or two items out in case there’s a cold snap. If you’re moving in winter, pack your summer clothing. This applies to shoes as well.


3. Pictures, art and ornaments

Most decorative items like art and collectables can be packed in advance, which gives you time to make sure they’re properly wrapped and protected. You can also pack vases and mirrors.


4. Collectables

If you have a large collection of items that are valuable, breakable or just one-of-a-kind, pack these up early. Take your time and do this carefully. Depending on your collection, you may need to catalogue it.


5. Spare bedding and linen

Your extra linen and towels can be packed early. Leave out one set for the final week before you move.


6. Books and photo albums

It can take time to sort and pack books if you have a large collection. As you probably will have very little reading time in the weeks leading up to the move, pack books, photo albums, DVDs, CDs and records a few weeks before.


7. Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances and gadgets that are rarely used can be packed early, such as a food processor, pasta machine and mandoline. Also, start filling a box with less frequently used utensils and another box with detergents and cleaning supplies.


8. Sports equipment

Clean and dry sports equipment and uniforms that aren’t being used before packing them away.


9. Documents

Archived documents that you might have stored at home should be packed too. Set aside documents needed for the move that may be required by a new landlord or lawyer.


10. Toys and games

Toys and board games can be packed early. Let your kids pick a couple of favourites to keep out and pack the rest. Give them a good clean as you sort them.


How XtraSpace can help with your move

XtraSpace offers clean and secure self-storage units in a variety of sizes if you need to store anything while relocating.


Each XtraSpace branch stocks a full range of reusable moving boxes, cardboard boxes and packing materials from Ecobox.


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