Organise and brighten your garden with these cheap and cheerful DIY projects.

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Turn your garden into a summer haven with these DIY garden storage and organisation projects.


As spring approaches, it’s time to get your garden looking its best and these ideas don’t cost a fortune.


1. Repurpose old containers into funky planters

Old biscuit tins, vegetable strainers, tin cans and enamel buckets can be repurposed into eye-catching planters.


Leave them in their original condition or brighten them with a splash of paint.


2. Create a living wall

Breathe life into and add texture to blank walls using the “espalier” technique.


This ancient horticultural practice involves training a flowering shrub or a small ornamental tree to grow flat in front of a wall.


By attaching the plant to a supporting lattice and pruning it into a desired pattern, you can create a lush and colourful façade.


3. Add an ambient glow

String fairy lights up and along the trunks and boughs of trees to create a romantic grotto in your garden.


Add to the magical effect by edging a pergola, terrace – even the roof and window frames – with warm LED lighting.


4. Erect a DIY wire trellis

A wire trellis is effectively three wooden fence posts knocked together and strung horizontally with equal lengths of galvanised wire.


It can be erected to create a private space in your garden.


Alternatively, make the trellis the focal point supporting a bougainvillea or bignonia cherere in full bloom.


5. Build a wooden pallet garden organiser

A wooden pallet can easily be repurposed into a garden organiser using a few nails, cup hooks, terry clasps, tool hangers and a coat of paint or varnish.


Once you’ve completed the makeover, hang the pallet on the wall in the garden, garage or shed.


6. Scatter cushions everywhere

Cushions and pillows can create a plush, luxurious feel in any outdoor space.


Choose bright, colourful fabrics that are durable and waterproof.


For a trendy look, mix and match the cushions with striking outdoor rugs.


7. Revamp outdoor furniture

Old rusted outdoor furniture doesn’t have to end up at the tip.


A few hundred rand and some elbow grease can extend the life of patio furniture.


Recondition furniture using a wire brush, anti-rust, paint and new foam cushions.


8. Plant blooming perennials

Unlike annuals that bloom once before they die, perennials are forever plants that blossom every year.


Don’t spend money on a one-off floral extravaganza – invest for the long-term.


Consider a few of the more popular perennials that put on a show year after year, such as daisies, cat’s tail, bearded irises, calla and day lilies.


9. Transform old cabinets into storage units

Old furniture, such as a bedside cabinet, can be made into ideal dual-purpose garden accessories.


Remove the top of the cabinet and the top drawer can be used as a planter.


The cupboard below can be used as storage for pots, tools or a coiled-up garden hose.


10. Build patio furniture from off-the-shelf materials

The most cost-effective DIY patio furniture can be constructed from ready-made materials.


Cement blocks and lengths of decking can be configured into outdoor benches, side tables and full-length dining tables.



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