Secure furniture storage

You might need a safe place to keep furniture during a move, while you're away or until more staff join your business.

We offer storage units in a range of sizes, from 9 m2 and up. Impeccably clean and secure, these units are ideal for furniture storage

XtraSpace furniture storage units are ideal for:

  • reducing clutter in your home by enabling you to store furniture until you need it
  • providing secure, affordable storage of unused office furniture and appliances
  • storing furniture and appliances when you're away from home
  • storing furniture you've inherited or no longer want until you're ready to sell it.

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Short or longer-term leases

Storage units are available on terms as short as a month, so you can easily switch to a larger or smaller storage unit (or move out) if your needs change.


Our clients are the only people with access to their storage units. In addition, our premises are equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and instant response alarms.


XtraSpace provides all clients with insurance for their stored furniture and other items, for extra peace of mind.


Trolleys are available on site to help you move items of furniture.