Find answers to some common questions about our XtraSpace Flexi Offices.

For further information, call us on 01 09 777 777 and we'll be happy to assist.

What is a Flexi Office?

A Flexi Office is an office space you can occupy on a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month agreement. To secure traditional office space, you typically have to sign a long lease. That's not the case with a Flexi Office –  so if your business needs change, you won't be locked into a long lease for space that no longer suits you.

What are the advantages of a Flexi Office?

Key advantages of using a Flexi Office include:

  • significant cost savings in comparison to traditional office space
  • flexible agreement terms, making it easy to scale up or down to suit changing business needs
  • existing business infrastructure and services – just move in and focus on your business straight away.

Are Flexi Offices furnished?

Some Flexi Offices include basic furnishings, while others are unfurnished. For more information, please consult the pages for individual Flexi Office branches, call us on 01 09 777 777 or call a branch near you directly.

How big is a Flexi Office?

Flexi Offices are available in a range of sizes, from offices suitable for one or two tenants to larger spaces that are ideal for business teams.

What facilities and services are available if I rent a Flexi Office?

Depending on location, Flexi Office facilities include:

  • reception areas with friendly, professional service during office hours
  • meeting rooms, which tenants can use for business meetings
  • business centre services, including fax, copying and internet
  • on-site storage facilities
  • secure parking.

Is there a Flexi Office near me?

XtraSpace offers Flexi Offices in facilities across South Africa, with Flexi Office branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Vereeniging, and Cape Town. To find a Flexi Office facility near you, check the list of our Flexi Office branches.