Winter Clothing Storage: Clever Tips for Making More Space in a Cramped Closet

Bulky winter clothes take up a lot more closet space than a lighter summer wardrobe and, unfortunately, our closets don’t shrink or expand with the changes in weather.


These tips and tricks will help you make the most of the space you have without having to reduce your wardrobe too much, at least until someone invents a magical cupboard with the capacity of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.


Decluttering and donation

If you have items you genuinely don’t wear anymore, it makes sense to clear them out first. This will make organising and maximising closet space easier. Your local charity shop or shelter will also appreciate any donations, especially during winter.


Tips for maximising closet space

Clever tricks and storage hacks are your best friend when it comes to making the most of limited closet space. Here are our favourite clothing storage tips.


Use tiered hangers

use tiered hangers


Because they make use of both horizontal and vertical space, clothes hangers with multiple hanging rods can almost quadruple your hanging space. Each hanger can take multiple shirts, cardigans or pairs of trousers depending on the design.


Or create your own

create your own


You can emulate a tiered hanger by using a short length of chain to string multiple hangers together. An even cheaper option is to use a soft drink tab to double up your hangers.


Add a tension rod or two

tension rod


A tension rod is a temporary way to add extra rods without damaging the cupboard. The rod can be added in the middle of the cupboard to double your hanging space or towards the bottom to add extra shoe storage.


Get a freestanding rail

freestanding rail


For easy access, hang your more attractive pieces outside your closet on a freestanding rail. The ones on wheels can be easily repositioned if they get in the way and some also have shoe space at the bottom.


Install a door rod or two

door rod


A couple of rods attached to the inside of the closet door can create extra hanging space for less bulky items, such as scarves. You can also use hooks for the same purpose.


Create an extra shoe level

shoe level


An extra shelf at the base of your closet will double your shoe and boot storage space. If you can’t install a shelf or find a freestanding one that is small enough, sturdy storage boxes placed on their side will also work.


Use the top of the cupboard

top of the cupboard


If you have access to the top of your cupboard, you can add a few big baskets to hold loosely folded jerseys, hoodies or your bulkier pairs of boots.


Utilise the sides

utilise the sides


The sides of cupboards, both inside and out, are dead space that can be used to create extra storage.


Hooks, rods or small shelves can be installed to hold small items like ties, socks and beanies. Suction hooks will also work on some cupboard surfaces.


Consider self-storage

consider self-storage


If you have a lot of clothing but limited space, it makes sense to divide your wardrobe into summer and winter. You can swop out one for the other as needed, while always keeping a few overlapping items out for those in-between days.


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