Why Consider a Flexi Office?

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Costs of traditional office space

office costsAs a business owner, it’s easy to underestimate the costs associated with renting and moving into traditional office space. The rental alone may be sky-high, especially if you need space in a premium area. But have you remembered all the other costs too?


Of course you’ll need all the equipment that modern businesses rely on, if you don’t already have it. This includes PCs and laptops, printers, scanners and so on.


When moving into new offices, it’s also typical that you’ll have to fork out to:

  • install phone lines, network cables and power points
  • repaint the walls and possibly replace worn carpeting
  • install blinds on windows
  • buy and install suitable items of furniture
  • invest in suitably professional décor, especially if clients will be visiting the premises.

All these tasks don’t just cost money. They cost time too, and sometimes involve a good deal of frustration – especially when you know how urgent it is to get down to work and make your business productive.


What are the advantages of Flexi Offices?

xtraspace flexi officeWhen you move into a Flexi Office, you simply move in – and you can focus on your business straight away.


XtraSpace’s Flexi Office facilities include offices of different sizes, some with basic furnishing and all with access to onsite business centres that provide high-speed internet, copying, fax and even courier services. The facilities include meeting rooms and boardrooms at selected branches. Many of the facilities also offer their Flexi Office clients dedicated parking.


In relation to having to set up traditional office space yourself, the potential cost and time savings are huge.


In addition, Flexi Offices are available on flexible agreements. Typically when you rent traditional office space, you’re locked into a lease for anywhere from one to three years. The problem is that your business needs may change in the interim. You might find yourself needing more space because an unexpected opportunity enables you to expand, or you could be forced to scale back and end up having to pay for space you no longer require.


With a Flexi Office, you can use office space from month to month, and scale up or down (moving to a larger or smaller Flexi Office) as your business needs dictate.


XtraSpace’s Flexi Office plans for the future

XtraSpace currently operates several Flexi Office facilities in Johannesburg, as well as Flexi Offices in Vereeniging, Durban and, for those in the Western Cape, in Bellville.


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