Moving home is never easy, but one way to ease the stress is by making sure you’ve prepared enough at the end so that unloading becomes a breeze. Read this.


Plenty of guidelines on how to pack for a move are available. It’s less easy to find helpful hints on how to unpack efficiently and settle in on the other side.


Unpacking and setting up a new home or office is often chaotic. To makes matters worse, you’re usually tired and irritable by the time everything has been unloaded into your new premises. By taking a systematic approach, you can get the job done faster and more easily.


Clean and prep prior to the move

Before you move in, ensure your new premises are sparkling clean. Polish the windows and floors, vacuum carpets, and line drawers, cupboards and shelves, particularly in the kitchen, with shelf lining. Connect utilities like water, electricity and the telephone service a week or so before the scheduled move or you’ll be left thirsty, disconnected and in the dark.


Pack an essentials bag

Pack a bag with the essential items you’ll need for the first day or two in your new home. These can include toiletries, medicines, favourite toys, bedding, a change of clothing and snacks. It’s always a good idea to plan for life’s little emergencies. A first aid kit, cell phone charger, torch and batteries are key little items that can make all the difference, if and when things go wrong.


Organise boxes according to room

Make sure the removals team places the furniture and boxes in their respective offices or rooms. It will save you loads of time, and you won’t have to lug the heavy stuff around yourself.


Make the beds

Before you do anything else, set up proper sleeping arrangements for the entire family. If the beds haven’t arrived, get hold of a few blow-up mattresses or futons, or create a cosy little nook with cushions, throws and blankets. You’ll be eternally grateful when you collapse in a heap on clean and comfortable bedding.


Install bathroom basics

Make sure there is at least one fully functioning bathroom in the house or office. Put toilet paper on the dispenser, hang the shower curtain, provide clean towels, and lay out all the toiletries you brought with you in the essentials bag. There’s nothing better than a hot shower after a hard day’s work.


Switch on large kitchen appliances

Install and switch on key kitchen appliances, such as the fridge freezer, oven and washing machine. Pop a few convenience food items – yoghurt, fruit and milk – into the fridge for hungry little mouths. A bottle of the best sauvignon blanc wouldn’t go amiss for the older generation, too!


Set up small appliances

Haul out the kettle, toaster, coffee making machine and any other appliance you usually use to prepare breakfast and quick little snacks. A satisfied troupe of workers is happier and more productive than a hungry, irritable bunch of colleagues or kids.


Focus on one room at a time

Take the methodical approach to the task at hand, and unpack one room at a time. Find a permanent home for the large, heavy pieces before turning your attention to the smaller items. If there’s not sufficient space for all the stuff, it’s a good time to throw out the junk and donate the unwanted bits and pieces to charity.


Order in

Unpacking and settling in to new premises is physically demanding. That’s why we recommend you order in a piping hot meal at the end of the first, and even second, day on the job. At times like these, mobile food delivery services are ideal.


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