Useful guidelines on how to store wigs.

store wigs

Whether you have a collection of wigs for fashion, theatrical, medical or other reasons, you’ll need to store the wigs properly if you’re to preserve their natural lustre and shine.


You may choose to store a collection of wigs in a self-storage unit if you won’t be needing them for a period. For example, you might be planning to travel. Perhaps you use the wigs only for certain events or occasions, or need some time to get organised before selling or donating them to others.


We offer straightforward guidelines for storing wigs over the short or long term.


Types of wigs

There are two main types of wigs – synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.


Synthetic wigs tend to be less expensive but can’t be styled using heat and are generally best for short to medium-length hair. They don’t require a lot of maintenance.


A human hair wig generally lasts longer and can be styled and even dyed. Also, human hair looks good even at long hair lengths. Like real hair, it must be properly maintained – shampooed and conditioned, for example – to look good.


Wigs also differ in the ways they attach to the wearer’s head. A standard wefted cap, with each row of hair sewn directly to the cap, is the least expensive.


A monofilament cap is made from polyester or nylon mesh. Strands of hair are individually tied into the mesh. The wearer’s skin is visible through the cap, giving a wig a natural look.


Wigs may also have lace strips instead of caps. The lace is attached to the scalp using adhesive. This type of capless wig lets the skin breathe and tends to feel lighter.


Guidelines on how to store wigs are similar for all the different wig types.


Home storage tips for wigs

A quick clean prior to storage ensures the quality of the wig, and texture and shine of the hair, remain intact.


Tip: make sure the wig is completely dry before it’s tucked away over the short- or long-term. A damp hairpiece or hair extension is a magnet for dust, grime and the formation of mould.


Heat and direct sunlight are major risk factors. They destroy the hair fibres, break down the structure of the piece, and cause the colour to fade.


Tip: store your wigs in a cool, dry place, inaccessible to children and pets. A lockable cupboard in your bedroom will work a treat.


If you want to maintain a wig’s style, comb the hair and liberally apply a good quality hair conditioning spray to the locks. Carefully pull a hairnet over the wig, and place it on a wig stand or foam mannequin head.


Tip: you can also store your hairpiece in a suitably sized box. It’ll maintain the wig’s shape, and is easily stacked away on a shelf or in a cupboard.


Optimal wig storage techniques when travelling

The best way to travel with a wig is in a wig travel case. They’re sturdy, easy to carry, and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.


Tip: you can buy an expandable wig travel case made from breathable material online. Proper ventilation, coupled with placing the wig on a collapsible mannequin head inside the case, ensures the original styling and shape of the wig are always maintained.


Storing wigs over the long term

If you’re ready for a brand-new hairstyle but aren’t quite ready to part with your existing hair extension or wig, you can always pop it into the cupboard until it’s time to donate it to someone else.


Before you do that, fold the wig in half, place a couple of tissues inside to maintain its shape and prevent the sides from sticking together, and slide it into a plastic Ziploc bag.


Tip: remember to place the plastic bag at the back of the cupboard, well away from heavy items, to prevent the wig from being crushed or damaged.


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