How to declutter and plan your space when downsizing to a smaller home.

downsizing tips

These downsizing tips will help dispose of clutter and ease a move to a smaller space.


Visualise the space you want to live in

It’s important to have a clear vision of the space you want to live in.


If it’s clean lines and uncluttered surfaces you’re after, dispose of large, bulky and outdated furniture, artworks and collectibles.


Take future plans into account

Think about how you want to live in your new space – now and in the future.


Are you intending to travel, study or take up hobbies or sporting activities that require equipment or space?


Knowing this, you can select items that support the present and the future.


Work according to a floor plan

Create a floor plan of your new home.


Choose the furniture you want to keep for each room based on your plan and furniture measurements.


Don’t spend time, money and effort moving bulky items from one home to another if they don’t fit.


Adopt a piecemeal approach

Avoid a last-minute rush by going through your possessions early and systematically.


Sort through drawers, cupboards, rooms or categories for half an hour each day.


Set aside 10 items you want to keep and 10 items you’re happy to offload.


Place those 10 items in boxes to sell, donate or recycle.


Maintain momentum and you’ll be amazed how quickly you sort your entire home.


Implement smart storage solutions

Photographs and documents fade, gather dust and take up a lot of drawer and cupboard space.


An efficient way to store photos and paperwork is to scan the ones you want to keep.

Upload the files onto memory sticks.


The remainder can be shredded or recycled.


Appraise the value of old and outdated machines, tools and collectibles

Before you donate toys, tools, vinyl records or typewriters, record players and sewing machines, determine their value.


These items can realise high prices online and at auction.


Avoid hasty decision-making

When you’re having difficulty parting with an item of sentimental value or are downscaling due to divorce or bereavement, store your possessions for three to six months.


This will give you time to think things through and make decisions when you’re feeling stronger.



Moving to a smaller space can mean making tough decisions about which items to dispose of.


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